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IADLEST National Certification Program – Approved Courses

​PoliceOne Academy offers 36 online courses totaling 48 hours of continuing education certified by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) National Certification Program (NCP)™. These certified courses can be found in our learning management system under the ‘IADLEST’ topic.

Course Title Course Number Length                    
Ambush Awareness and Preparation 20278-2011 1h
Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement 20279-2012 1h
Anti-Harassment in the Workplace 20280-2011 1h
Applications of the Fourth Amendment in Search and Seizure 20257-2010 2h
Building Financial Strength in First Responder Families 20281-2012 3h
Campus Based Training: Clery Act 20282-2012 2h
Child Abuse And Neglect 20282-2012 2h
Courtroom Testimony in Civil Matters (Litigation) 20316-2012 2h
COVID-19 for Law Enforcement 20238-2003 1h
Cultural Awareness and Diversity Overview 20284-2012 1h
De-escalation and Reasonable Use of Force 20256-2010 2h
Developing Leadership 20285-2012 1h
Dispatcher: Stress Management 20286-2012 1h
Driving While Distracted 20287-2012 2h
Emotional Intelligence for Leaders 20289-2011 1h
Employee Recognition 20290-2012 1h
Ethics In Law Enforcement 20292-2011 1h
Generational Differences for Law Enforcement 20293-2011 1h
Hate Crimes Training For Law Enforcement 20294-2012 1h
Human Trafficking Part 1 20295-2012 2h
Implicit Bias 20296-2012 1h
Interacting with the Mentally Ill as a First Responder 20297-2012 1h
Law Enforcement and the Family Dynamic 20298-2011 1h
Litigation Procedures 20300-2011 1h
Officer Wellness & Mental Health Awareness 20301-2012 2h
Opioid Crisis: Protecting Our First Responders 20302-2011 1h
Presenting Effective Testimony in a Courtroom 20304-2012 1h
Racial Profiling Part 1 20305-2012 1h
Recognizing and Responding to Domestic Violence 20306-2011 2h
School Resource Officers 20307-2011 1h
Sexual Harassment for Managers 20308-2012 2h
Sexual Harassment In The Workplace 20311-2011 1h
Shaping an Ethical Workplace Culture 20309-2011 1h
Suspects in Medical Distress 20310-2012 1h
The LGBTQ Community 20299-2012 1h
Understanding and Responding to Excited Delirium Calls 20312-2012 1h
*If PoliceOne Academy has reported directly to IADLEST previously, our Accreditation team will continue to report your training credit. If it is a state that we are not already certified in, you will receive a certificate with the IADLEST logo/accreditation number and can submit that to your training officers or state accreditation body directly.