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Certified Training Information:
PoliceOne Academy courses that are certified by Oklahoma CLEET can be used to fulfill 25 hours of annual continuing education requirements for full-time Peace Officers, as well as 8 hours of annual continuing education requirements for Reserve Peace Officers. 

Reporting Cadence:
PoliceOne Academy reports course completions directly to OK CLEET twice per month. 

Course Title Course Number Hours Mental Health
988 – Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Operational Readiness 23-01673 2h No
Absorbents and Spills 22-0005 1h No
Achieve Peak Performance in Emotional Survival** 22-31550 1.5h Yes
Acoso Sexual en el Lugar de Empleo 22-0007 1h No
Acoso Sexual para Gerentes 22-0008 2h No
Active Shooter 23-2550 1h No
Active Shooter 1 22-0009 1h No
Active Shooter 2 22-0010 1h No
Active Shooter 3 22-0011 1h No
Active Shooter 4 22-0012 1h No
Active Shooter Preparation and Response for Schools 22-0013 1h No
Active Shooter: Phases and Prevention 22-0014 1h No
Active Shooter: Recognition and Basic Response 22-0015 1h No
ADA Compliance in Business 22-0016 1h No
Addressing Homeless Populations 24-0201 2h No
Advanced Defensive Driving Techniques 22-0017 1h No
Advanced Policing: Emotional Intelligence 22-31325 1h No
Airborne and Bloodborne Pathogens 22-0018 1h No
Alcohol Abuse Emergencies in Jails/Prisons 22-0019 2h No
Ambush Awareness and Preparation 22-0020 1h No
Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement (1 hour) 22-0021 1h No
Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement (2 hours) 22-0022 2h No
Anti-Harassment in the Workplace 22-0023 1h No
Applications of the Fourth Amendment in Search and Seizure 24-0202 2h No
Arrest, Search, & Seizure (Fourth Amendment) 22-0006 2h No
Autism Awareness for PSTs  23-01675 1h No
Autism for Law Enforcement: Definition and Prevalence 22-2680 2h No
Autism for Law Enforcement: Promoting Safe Outcomes 22-2679 2h No
Back Injuries 22-0024 1h No
Basic Firearm Safety 22-0025 1h No
Basic First Aid 22-0026 2h No
Basic Jail Security Principles 22-0027 1h No
Basic Telephone Skills 22-0028 1h No
Becoming a Leader in Law Enforcement 23-00786 1h No
Best Practices in Dangerous Canine Encounters 22-0029 1h No
Bloodborne Pathogens 22-0030 2h No
Bloodborne Pathogens (1 hour) 22-0031 1h No
Bloodborne Pathogens for First Responders 22-0032 1h No
Body-Worn Cameras For Law Enforcement 22-0033 2h No
Bomb Threats in Schools 22-0034 1h No
Booking and Admissions 22-0035 1h No
Business Continuity 22-0036 1h No
Business Writing Basics 22-0037 1h No
Campus Based Training: Clery Act 22-0038 2h No
Campus Policing 22-0039 1h No
Career Professionalism 22-0040 1h No
Child Abuse and Neglect 22-0041 2h No
Child Abuse Investigations 23-3498 1h No
Children and Law Enforcement 22-0042 1h No
CIT for Correctional Facilities 22-0043 1h No
Classification of Inmates 22-0045 1h No
Cognitive Behavioral Training in Juvenile Corrections 22-0046 1h No
Communication Skills 1 22-0047 1h No
Communication Skills 2 22-0048 1h No
Communication Skills 3 22-0049 1h No
Communication Skills 4 22-0050 1h No
Community Policing 22-0051 2h No
Community Policing Strategies 22-0052 1h No
Computer Security Basics 22-0053 1h No
Confined Spaces 101 22-0054 1h No
Confined Spaces 102 22-0055 1h No
Conflict and Dispute Resolution 22-0056 1h No
Connecting Youth and Communities with Law Enforcement (CYCLE – Part 1) 23-02541 2h No
Connecting Youth and Communities with Law Enforcement (CYCLE – Part 2) 23-3283 1.5h No
Connecting Youth and Communities with Law Enforcement (CYCLE – Part 3) 23-3499 1.5h No
Constitutional and Community Policing 22-0057 2h No
Constitutional Law 22-0058 1h No
Contraband Control 22-0059 1h No
Controlling the Situation 22-0060 1h No
Corrections 1 22-0061 1h No
Corrections 2 22-0062 1h No
Corrections 3 22-0063 1h No
Corrections 4 22-0064 1h No
Corrections Liability 22-0065 1h No
Court Tactics and Techniques 22-0066 1h No
Crisis Intervention in Dealing with Mentally Ill Subjects 22-31327 2h No
Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) – Crisis Response 24-0828 1h No
Crisis Intervention Training Overview 22-0068 1h No
Crisis Management 22-0069 1h No
Crowd Control 1 22-0070 1h No
Crowd Control 2 22-0071 1h No
Crowd Control 3 22-0072 1h No
Cultural Awareness and Diversity Overview 22-0075 1h No
Current Drug Trends 22-0076 2h No
Cybersecurity Awareness Training 22-31331 1h No
Cyberstalking 22-0077 1h No
Dealing With Angry Employees 22-0078 1h No
Dealing with Armed Suspects 22-0079 1h No
Dealing with Cold Stress 22-0080 1h No
Dealing with Heat Stress 22-0081 1h No
Dealing with Stress 22-0082 1h No
Dealing with the Media 22-0083 1h No
De-Escalation and Minimizing Use of Force 22-0084 2h No
De-escalation and Reasonable Use of Force 24-0203 2h No
De-Escalation Strategies and Techniques 22-2185 2h No
Defensive Driving Basics 22-0085 1h No
Defensive Driving Principles 22-0086 1h No
Defensive Tactics 1 22-0087 1h No
Defensive Tactics 2 22-0088 1h No
Defensive Tactics 3 22-0089 1h No
Defensive Tactics 4 22-0090 1h No
Defensive Tactics 5 22-0091 1h No
Defensive Tactics 6 22-0092 1h No
Defensive Tactics 7 22-0093 1h No
Defensive Tactics 8 22-0094 1h No
Defensive Tactics 9 22-0095 1h No
Defensive Tactics 10 22-0096 1h No
Defensive Tactics 11 22-0097 1h No
Defensive Tactics 12 22-0098 1h No
Defensive Tactics 13 22-0099 1h No
Defensive Tactics 15 22-0100 1h No
Developing Effective Communication Skills 22-0101 1h No
Developing Leadership 22-0102 1h No
Diabetic Emergencies 22-0103 1h No
Disciplinary Procedures in a Corrections Setting 22-0104 1h No
Discipline and Termination 22-0105 1h No
Dispatch Communications 1 22-0106 1h No
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Active Shooter) 22-0107 2h No
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Bomb Threats) 22-0108 1h No
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Chemical Suicides) 22-0109 1h No
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Missing Persons/Sexual Exploitation) 22-0110 2h No
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Sovereign Citizens, Domestic Terrorism, and Lone Wolf Attacks) 22-0111 1h No
Dispatcher: Ethics in Public Service 22-0112 1h No
Dispatcher: Liability And Legal Issues 22-0113 1h No
Dispatcher: Stress Management 22-0114 1h No
Dispatcher: TTY 22-0115 1h No
Distracted Driving For First Responders 23-00871 1h No
Distracted Driving For Law Enforcement 22-0116 4h No
Diversity in the Workplace 22-0117 1h No
Dog Encounters for Law Enforcement 22-31328 2h No
Domestic Violence Intervention for Dispatchers 24-1440 1h No
Driving Techniques 22-0119 1h No
Driving While Distracted 22-0120 2h No
Drug and Alcohol Awareness 22-0121 1h No
Drug Withdrawal in Jail 22-0122 2h No
Duty to Intercede 21-2976 1h No
Eating Right for Health and Fitness 22-0124 1h No
Edged Weapons 1 22-0125 1h No
Edged Weapons 2 22-0126 1h No
Effective Presentation Basics 22-0127 1h No
Electrical and Fire Safety 22-0128 1h No
Emergency Preparation and Egress 22-0129 1h No
Emotional & Psychological Disorders 2 22-0356 1h Yes
Emotional Intelligence for Leaders 22-0130 1h No
Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement** 22-31549 2h Yes
Emotional Survival: Tactics** 24-0831 1h No
Employee Free Speech 24-0205 2h No
Employee Recognition 22-0131 1h No
Employee Retention 22-0132 1h No
Enhancing Work Relationships 22-0133 1h No
Environmental Crimes 1 22-0134 1h No
Equipment Safety 22-0135 1h No
Escorting Inmates 22-0136 1h No
Ethical Behavior for Corrections Officers 22-0137 2h No
Ethics In Law Enforcement 22-0138 1h No
Evidence Collection, Control, and Storage 22-0139 1h No
Expect the Unexpected 1 22-0140 1h No
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 101: Believe with Jocko and Leif** 23-02278 1h No
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 102: Extreme Ownership with Jocko and Leif** 23-02277 1h No
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 103: Laws of Combat with Jocko and Leif** 23-02276 1h No
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 104: Mindsets for Victory with Jocko and Leif** 23-02275 1h No
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 105: The Dichotomy of Leadership with Jocko and Leif** 23-02274 1h No
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 106: Leading Up and Down the Chain of Command with Jocko and Leif** 23-02273 1h No
Fall Protection 22-0141 1h No
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 22-0142 1h No
Family and Support Systems Considerations** 24-1442 3h No
Female Offenders and Related Issues 22-0143 2h No
Field Training Officer Overview 24-0829 1h No
Finance 101 for Non-Financial Managers 22-0144 1h No
Finding Wellness – Building a Healthier Life 24-1754 4h No
Fire Prevention and Response Plan for Jails 22-0146 1h No
Firearms 1 22-0147 1h No
Firearms 2 22-0158 1h No
Firearms 3 22-0148 1h No
Firearms 4 22-0149 1h No
Firearms 5 22-0159 1h No
Firearms 6 22-0150 1h No
Firearms Tactics 22-0151 1h No
First Responder Traffic Incident Management 22-0152 2h No
Fitness & Nutrition 1 22-0153 1h No
Fitness & Nutrition 2 22-0160 1h No
Fitness & Nutrition 3 22-0154 1h No
Fitness & Nutrition 4 22-0161 1h No
Fitness & Nutrition 5 22-0155 1h No
FMLA Training for Supervisors 22-0156 1h No
Form I-9 and Employment Eligibility Verification 22-0162 1h No
Foundations in Ethics for Law Enforcement 24-0832 1h No
From Tension to Trust – Establishing Stronger Community Relationships 23-3500 1h No
Gangs 1 22-0157 1h No
Gangs 2 22-0163 1h No
Gangs 3 22-0164 1h No
Generational Differences 22-0165 1h No
Generational Differences for Law Enforcement 22-0166 1h No
Global SDS and the Hazardous Communication Standards 22-0167 1h No
Goal Setting Skills 22-0168 1h No
Handcuffing Special Populations 23-3501 1h No
Handling Medical Emergencies 22-0169 1h No
Handling Missing Children Calls for Dispatchers 22-0170 1h No
Handling Robbery Calls 22-0171 1h No
Hate Crimes Training For Law Enforcement 22-0172 1h No
Hazmat First Responder Awareness (FRA) Level 1 22-32622 1.5h No
Helping the Helpers with Emotional Survival** 23-3591 1h Yes
High Blood Pressure – Reducing Your Risks 22-0174 1h No
Highway Incident Safety Guidelines for Emergency Responders 22-0175 2h No
HIPAA: Protected Health Information For Public Entities 22-0176 1h No
Holds and Restraints: Holds Demonstration 22-2184 1.75h No
Holds and Restraints: Restraints Demonstration 22-2187 1h No
Hostage Negotiations 22-0178 2h No
How to Lead in Emotional Survival** 23-01034 1h Yes
HR Recruitment and Selection Process 22-0179 1h No
Human Trafficking 101 23-3507 1h No
Human Trafficking I 22-0180 2h No
Human Trafficking II 22-0181 2h No
Human Trafficking: Forming a Task Force  23-01676 1h No
Human Trafficking: Operating a Task Force  24-0830 2.5h No
Implementing a Body-Worn Camera Program 24-1756 1h No
Implicit Bias 22-0184 1h No
Inmate Correspondence 22-0185 1h No
Inmate Employment 22-0186 1h No
Inmate Record Keeping 22-0187 1h No
Interacting with the Mentally Ill as a First Responder 22-0357 1h Yes
Internet/ Technology in Law Enforcement 1 22-0188 1h No
Interviewing Skills for Managers: Conducting an Interview 22-0189 1h No
Interviews and Interrogations 22-0190 1h No
Introduction to Incident Command System for Police Officers 22-0192 1h No
Introduction to Probation 22-0193 1h No
Introduction to Rape Crisis  23-01679 1h No
Investigating Impaired Driving 22-32623 1h No
Investigative Skills 1 22-0194 1h No
Investigative Skills 2 22-0195 1h No
Jail Release Procedures 22-0196 1h No
Jail Risk Management 22-0197 1h No
Juvenile Corrections 22-0198 1h No
Juvenile Justice 22-0199 1h No
K-9 Operations 22-0200 1h No
Ladder Safety 22-0201 1h No
Law Enforcement and the Family Dynamic 22-0202 1h No
Law Enforcement Encounters with Canines 22-0203 2h No
Law Enforcement Intelligence 22-0204 4h No
Law Enforcement Response to Active Shooter Incidents 22-0205 2h No
Law Enforcement Stress Indicators 22-0206 1h No
Leadership 1 22-0207 1h No
Leadership 2 22-0208 1h No
Leadership 3 22-0209 1h No
Leadership 4 22-0210 1h No
Leadership 5 22-0211 1h No
Leadership 6 22-0212 1h No
Leadership 7 22-0213 1h No
Leadership 8 22-0214 1h No
Leadership Essentials 23-00788 2h No
Leadership in Law Enforcement 22-0215 1h No
Leadership v. Management 22-0216 1h No
Legal 1 22-0217 1h No
Legal 2 22-0218 1h No
Legal 3 22-0219 1h No
Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) 22-0220 2h No
Line of Duty Death 23-3508 2h No
Litigation Procedures 22-0221 1h No
Maintaining Boundaries for Corrections Staff 22-0431 1h No
Managing Anger, Frustration, and Annoyance** 24-1443 1h No
Managing Employee Records in Correctional Facilities 22-0222 1h No
Managing Fatigue in 24/7 Operations 24-0207 1h No
Managing Hypervigilance** 23-01678 1h No
Managing Risk in an Aging Workforce 22-0223 1h No
Managing Special Inmate Populations 22-0224 1h No
Mass Casualty, Natural Disaster Standards 22-0225 1h No
Means of Egress 22-0226 1h No
MedicAlert: Community Policing Support 22-0227 1h No
Mental Health in Jails 22-0358 1h Yes
Missing Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease 22-0364 1h No
Moral Distress and Moral Injury** 24-1500 1h No
MRSA in Correctional Facilities 22-0228 1h No
Narcotics Enforcement 1 22-0229 1h No
Narcotics Enforcement 2 22-0230 1h No
Normalizing Common Mental Health Challenges** 24-1624 2h Yes
Nutritional Standards for Correctional Facilities 22-0231 1h No
Off-Duty Safety & Survival 1 22-0232 1h No
Off-Duty, Safe, and Ready 22-0233 1h No
Officer Liability 22-0234 2h No
Officer Safety 22-0235 1h No
Officer Safety and Procedure in Domestic Violence Response 22-0236 2h No
Officer Survival 1 22-0237 1h No
Officer Survival 2 22-0238 1h No
Officer Survival 3 22-0432 1h No
Officer Survival 4 22-0239 1h No
Officer Survival 5 22-0240 1h No
Officer Tactical Training 22-0241 2h No
Officer Well-Being 22-0242 1h Yes
Officer Wellness & Mental Health Awareness 22-0359 2h Yes
Onstar Public Safety 22-0243 1h No
Opioid Crisis: Protecting Our First Responders 22-0244 1h No
Overcoming Resistance: Start with Mental Preparation 22-0245 1h No
Parliamentary Procedures 22-0246 1h No
Patrol 1 22-0247 1h No
Patrol 2 22-0248 1h No
Patrol 3 22-0249 1h No
Patrol 4 22-0250 1h No
Patrol Procedures in Correctional Facilities 22-0251 1h No
Peer Counseling Techniques** 24-1501 2h No
Peer Support Overview, Structure, and Key Considerations** 24-1502 2h No
Peer Support Self-Care and Wellness** 24-1503 2h No
Performance Evaluation Systems 23-02549 1h No
Performance Management 22-0252 1h No
Personal Protective Equipment 22-0253 1h No
Personnel Record Retention (Federal Standards) 22-0254 1h No
PREA: Rights, Reporting, and Retaliation for Prisons and Jails OS-10216 1h No
Preparing Your Response to Challenging Situations 22-0256 1h No
Presenting Effective Testimony in a Courtroom 22-0257 1h No
Press Conference and Briefing Basics 22-0258 1h No
Preventing Accidents in the Workplace 22-0259 1h No
Preventing Bullying in Schools 22-0260 1h No
Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls 22-0261 1h No
Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Overview 23-00872 1h No
Problem Oriented Policing 22-0262 4h No
Procedural Justice 22-0263 2h No
Professional Police Driving 22-0264 1h No
Protecting Transportation Systems 22-0265 1h No
Providing Effective Onboarding 22-0266 1h No
Public Employee Safety in the Community 22-0267 1h No
Public Free Speech 24-0206 1h No
Public Recording of Police Activities 22-0268 1h No
Pursuit Driving 22-0269 1h No
Pursuit Driving Basics 22-0270 1h No
Pursuit Driving Fundamentals 22-0271 2h No
Racial Profiling 24-0833 1h No
Racial Profiling Part 1 22-0272 1h No
Racial Profiling Part 2: Data Collection 22-0273 2h No
Rape Crisis: Crime Scene & Evidence Handling  23-01677 1h No
Real-Life Video Training 1 22-0274 1h No
Recognizing and Responding to Domestic Violence  24-1441 1h No
Recognizing Child Abuse 22-0276 1h No
Recognizing Domestic Violence 22-0277 2h No
Reducing Graffiti in Your Community 22-0278 1h No
Report Writing 1 22-0279 1h No
Report Writing 2 22-0280 1h No
Responders at Risk: Protecting First Responders From Opioid Exposure 22-0281 1h No
Responding to Emergencies 1 22-0282 1h No
Responding to Emergencies 2 22-0283 1h No
Responding to People with Mental Illness 22-0354 2h Yes
Retaining Talent 22-0284 1h No
Riot Response for Corrections 22-0285 1h No
Risks of Social Media in the Workplace 22-0286 2h No
Running an Effective Board Meeting 22-0287 1h No
Safeguarding Your Community from Terrorism 22-0288 1h No
Safety First: A Refresher in Facility Security 22-0289 1h No
School Resource Officers 22-0290 1h No
Science of Employee Engagement 22-0291 1h No
Search and Seizure SCOTUS Update 22-2186 1h No
Sexual Harassment for Managers 22-0292 2h No
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 22-0293 1h No
Sexual Harassment Prevention – Law Enforcement 22-32552 1h No
Shaping an Ethical Workplace Culture 22-0294 1h No
Sleep and Your Health 22-0295 1h No
Smoking Cessation 22-0296 1h No
Social Media and Law Enforcement 22-0297 1h No
Spanish for Law Enforcement 23-02548 2h No
Stress and Trauma** 24-1504 3h No
Stress and Your Health 22-0298 1h No
Subject Control 1 22-0299 1h No
Subject Control 2 22-0300 1h No
Subject Control 3 22-0301 1h No
Subject Control 4 22-0302 1h No
Substance Misuse and Addictions** 24-1505 3h No
Successful Customer Interactions 22-0304 1h No
Sudden Unexplained Infant Death (SUID) 22-0305 5h No
Suicide by Cop 22-0306 1h No
Suicide Prevention for Law Enforcement 22-0360 1h Yes
Suicide Prevention in Jails 22-0307 1h No
Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention** 24-1506 3h No
Supervising Inmates 22-0308 1h No
Supervision of Inmates in Dining Areas 22-0309 1h No
Supervisor Skills 22-0310 1h No
Supporting Military and Veteran Personnel** 24-1507 2h No
Supporting Peers Through Grief and Loss** 24-1508 1h No
Suspects in Medical Distress 22-0311 1h No
Tactical Operations 1 22-0312 1h No
Tactical Operations 2 22-0313 1h No
Tactical Patrol Considerations 22-0314 1h No
Temporary Holding Facilities  22-31326 1h No
Terrorism 1 22-0315 1h No
Terrorism 2 22-0316 1h No
Terrorism 3 22-0317 1h No
The Aging Workforce: Leveraging the Talents of Mature Employees 22-0318 1h No
The Importance of Communication in Law Enforcement 22-0319 1h No
The LGBTQ Community 22-0320 1h No
The Will to Win 1 22-0321 1h No
The Will to Win 2 22-0322 1h No
The Will to Win 3 22-0323 1h No
The Will to Win 4 22-0324 1h No
The Will to Win 5 22-0325 1h No
The Will to Win 6 22-0326 1h No
Time Management Skills 22-0327 1h No
Tourette Syndrome and Other Neurological Disorders 22-0365 1h No
Tourniquets and Trauma Kits 23-02547 1h No
Traffic Incident Management – Quick Clearance 22-0328 1h No
Traffic Stops & Safety 1 22-0329 1h No
Traffic Stops & Safety 2 22-0330 1h No
Traffic Stops & Safety 3 22-0331 1h No
Traffic Stops & Safety 4 22-0332 1h No
Traffic Stops & Safety 5 22-0333 1h No
Traffic Stops and Officer Safety 22-0334 1h No
Trauma-Informed Sexual Assault Investigations 23-3509 1h No
Understanding and Responding to Severely Agitated Individuals 24-1755 1h No
Understanding Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and PTSD 22-0361 1h Yes
Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder 22-0367 1h No
Understanding Behavior, Burnout, and Depression 22-0362 1h Yes
Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 22-0335 1h No
Understanding Depression and Bipolar Disorder 22-0363 1h Yes
Understanding Eating Disorders 22-0336 1h No
Understanding Hostage Incidents 22-0337 1h No
Understanding Inmates’ Rights – Legal Trends 22-0338 1h No
Understanding Prediabetes 22-0339 1h No
Use Of Force 22-0433 2h No
Use of Force Situations 22-0341 1h No
Use of Less Lethal Force 22-0342 1h No
Using Oleoresin Capsicum 22-0343 1h No
Using Social Media For Investigations 24-1757 1h No
Value of Inmate Programs 22-0346 1h No
Vehicle Safety 22-0347 1h No
Violence in the Workplace 22-0348 1h No
Walking Your Way to Fitness 22-0349 1h No
Wellness and Resilience for PSTs 23-01672 1h No
Workplace Bullying 22-0350 1h No
Workplace Stress Resiliency 22-0351 1h No
Written Communication and Report Writing 22-0352 1h No
Yoga for First Responders 22-0353 1h No


**This premium course requires a subscription. Please inquire if interested.