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Mass gatherings can be spontaneous or one-time protest events planned in advance. Whether planned and peaceful or a dangerous attack, law enforcement agencies should have a multitude of response strategies in place to address the various scenarios that can occur. With PoliceOne Academy, we strongly believe that public safety resources are important not only for community reform, but for officer and first responder safety.

Creating an effective training program for your department involves the ability to measure the efficiency of your existing training, seeing what can be improved upon, and maximizing your training efforts by utilizing your annual budget spend. In creating measurable outcomes, your department will be able to offer relevant and practical training to prepare for the many challenges they will face.

PoliceOne Academy is an online training solution for law enforcement agencies, offering over 350 courses and videos on topics ranging from active shooter preparedness to riot control, in a modern learning management system that assigns and tracks training, manages policies and reduces agency liability.

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