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PoliceOne Academy gives departments the flexibility to create the law enforcement training they’d like to train their officers on. Build courses, quizzes and assessments on topics you choose to teach and create reports on training completions and compliance to ensure your officers are improving on their training development. Control the content that’s created and assigned, manage policies and post internal announcements while allowing personnel to access shared files and documentation.

Watch this brief video to learn how departments can:

  • Add department-specific content to the largest, up-to-date library of law enforcement training
  • Upload policies and manage compliance
  • Easily manage SCORM packages with our solution’s third-party integration
  • Create custom material and assign mandated training

For more information on PoliceOne Academy, click here to schedule a demo, email our Customer Success Team or call 866.941.4090 to speak with one of our PoliceOne Academy representatives.