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PoliceOne Academy recently released new courses, expanding our training library of quality, high-liability topics that address today’s law enforcement community relations. With a subscription to PoliceOne Academy, we offer exclusive access to some of the best police training online.

Accredited in 38 states, our courses are available 24/7, in multiple formats, for agencies and police departments to maximize their training programs. Along with new and updated courses released regularly, our training solution offers features that simplify department training, like course tracking, policy management, custom course creation, and more.

New/Updated Courses Released

  • K-9 Operations
    In this course, we explore how a department can develop a K9 unit, as well as the costs involved and potential funding avenues. Another key theme is how K9 units have evolved in the use of canines with SWAT operations. We will also cover some tried and true commands for training K9s while discovering what it means to be in a high-risk situation. This comprehensive training block course covers all requirements from tactical teams to patrol conditions and the relationship between K9 units.
  • Active Shooter: Recognition and Basic Response
    In this course, you will learn how to planning your response. Every incident must be treated with the Rule of Plus One, meaning if you’ve found and neutralized one shooter you must search for additional shooters until the location has been secured.
  • Current Drug Trends
    This two-hour course will highlight the prevalence of drugs and provide statistical trends in the current market.
  • Overcoming Resistance: Start with Mental Preparation
    In this course, we take a deeper look at mental preparation and the important role it plays in our lives as law enforcement professionals.
  • Firearms Tactics
    Officers must master many critical skills. One of the most critical is superior firearms use and tactics. On average, police departments spend 12-14 hours per year on firearms training. How much training do you participate in per year? Do you rely only on your department’s firearms tactics training, or do you train (or seek out training) on your own to supplement that departmental training? The bottom line is this: do you feel totally comfortable in your ability to win in a situation requiring the use of your firearm?

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