To help reduce the skyrocketing costs associated with police related injuries and lawsuits, the ACM, BURLCO and TRICO Municipal Joint Insurance Funds (JIFs) are pleased to offer access to the PoliceOne Academy online training system. All JIF Member Police Agencies are eligible to participate in this web-based training at no additional cost. Courses are available anytime, from any computer with internet access.

Courses typically run from 15 minutes to two hours and are designed for members of the law enforcement community. At the end of each course, an online test will assess the participant’s understanding of the information provided.

Below is a sample of the many course options available for your Officers:

  • Cyber Security Threats
  • Risk of Social Media in the Workplace
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Ethics
  • De-escalation/Minimizing Use of Force

Please have your Agency contact Keith Hummel at or 856-552-6862 if you are interested in additional course topics. We hope you find utilizing this quality training to be a beneficial and convenient e-learning experience.

How to Access the Training
Your Training Officer has registered you to the PoliceOne Academy system via your email address. Click the Sign In link below to log in. You will then be prompted to follow the instructions to change your password to a personal, unique password.

If you need assistance, call (866)845.8887. A Customer Success representative is available during standard business hours from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST, and can assist with any questions about the program or any technical issues.