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Motivation and Humor

Keep stress at bay by having a laugh. With our motivation and humor videos, entertain officers during roll call or take a break in your patrol car and enjoy some short videos from Buck Savage and others.

Course Name Description Length
Buck Savage First Video Here’s Buck’s first video ever made.  This police training cult classic was developed in the 1980’s by survival trainer Dave Smith. 5m
Dumbest Criminal Need we say more? 5m
Funny Dispatch Calls Have a laugh with Barb Harris and Betsy Brantner Smith as they take a look at some funny dispatch calls. 5m
J. D. Buck Savage “Pinky’s WooHa Lounge” Buck and Rookie respond to a bar fight at the notorious “Pinky’s” and meet up with city cop Lance Sterling and his own rookie. 5m
J.D. Buck Savage “Bad Guy’s Cars Break Down Too” Buck gets distracted assisting a pretty motorist who may not be such a nice girl after all. 5m
J.D. Buck Savage “My MOP” Officer Savage shows his keen powers of observation in this great training video. 5m
J.D. Buck Savage “Saw Drunk Arrested Same” Buck shows crimefighters how to win in court! 5m
J.D. Buck Savage “The Map” Buck shows Rookie why a crimefighter must know where he is all the time! Watch as they try to find Pinky’s WooHa lounge. 5m
J.D. Buck Savage “Training Officer” Buck teaches Rookie why he’s so lucky to have Buck for his FTO. 5m
J.D. Buck Savage “Watch the Hands!” J.D. Buck Savage “Watch the Hands!” 5m
J.D. Buck Savage at Motor School JD Buck Savage in his final video! Buck and his partner “Patch” attend motor officer training and become the best duo on bikes since John and Ponch! 5m
J.D. Buck Savage at the Crime Scene Buck and Rookie help gather evidence and learn what “CSI” really means in this classic training video! 5m
J.D. Buck Savage Goes Undercover Buck gives the state narcotics unit some much-needed help and shows the other agents how to run a great stakeout. 5m