The ONLY Hands-On, Mobile Training Platform

PoliceOne Academy and EVALS join forces to offer a complete training management solution for police departments.

The 1st learning platform to mobilize skills tracking.

Every training officer has experienced the challenges of delivering skills-based training day-to-day at their department. With PoliceOne Academy and EVALS, departments have access to a scalable solution that simplifies training evaluations for personnel, and streamlines on-the-job performance and safety. Toss out the clipboards and stacks of paper and move to an innovative technology that eliminates clutter, administrative burden and documentation headaches.

EVALS creates consistency and transparency in training by offering:

  • Online Training: Nearly 200 courses, 1,000 scenario-based videos and features to build custom courses and track policies.
  • Field Assessments: Record, upload and review skills training from anywhere and track offline events (no internet connection required)
  • Track Sequential Training: Track On the Job Training (OJT) hours and performance requirements.
  • Skills Development: Design realistic scenarios and situational performance evaluations.


“I have found the tools of PoliceOne Academy to be a truly dynamic way to deliver and manage very valuable virtual training for law enforcement. In today’s world, law enforcement must find ways to train more efficiently and effectively, and PoliceOne Academy does that without question. PoliceOne Academy is a valued partner with the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police in our quest to deliver professional law enforcement services to our community.”

Chief John A. Jackson

President, Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police