Big News: PoliceOne Academy and State of Colorado to deliver the first statewide police online training program

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Selection Validates Platform and Course Quality

Last week, PoliceOne Academy and Colorado announced a major collaboration in which PoliceOne Academy will serve as the sole learning management system and training platform for all law enforcement in the state. Colorado POST spent considerable time evaluating top training and learning management solutions, ultimately selecting PoliceOne Academy based on its proven reputation and usage in Colorado and the ability to produce timely law enforcement training courses.

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Top Reasons to Move to an Online Training Program

  • Standardized training: ensure officers are held to the same guidelines and principles from the highest quality materials
  • Save budget: moving to an online training solution yields not only reduced hard costs in terms of budget, but also drives down onboarding costs and improves employee retention.
  • Efficient and centralized training delivery: agencies can seamlessly manage their workforce in a mobile-friendly learning management system
  • Reduce risk: limit agency liability in a system that enables administrators to streamline training assignments, and automate credentials and certificate management.

“My agency has been utilizing the convenience of PoliceOne Academy online training for several years now. It is quite useful for both shorter briefing-type training topics as well as those recently required by law that would be a challenge to host or attend in person.”

Chad Day

Sheriff, Yuma County (Colo.) Sheriff's Office