Training Courses Eligible for TCOLE Credit

PoliceOne Academy provides online training that can be used to complete the 40 hours of TCOLE annual continuing education requirements. These courses are reported directly to TCOLE every 24 hours through an API.

Create a culture of constant learning

Preparation can help you in those pulse-pounding moments when you need it most. Arm yourself with the knowledge of what to do in any situation. Schedule a preview of the PoliceOne Academy, featuring a mobile-friendly training site, policy assignment & management and so much more.

You’ll get access to:

  • The world’s largest and most up-to-date library of law enforcement training
  • Hundreds of law enforcement’s top trainers
  • More than 40 hours of training added each year
  • A learning management system to track all your department’s training
  • The ability to deliver and track roll call training
  • Tools to upload and track department policies


“We believe that PoliceOne Academy’s online training is an excellent way to augment a training program and produce a culture where “every day is a training day”. Additionally, the staff has been great in supporting our launch.”

Captain Billy Breedlove

Director of Training, Corpus Christi Police Department