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In the aftermath of horrific events like the Dallas and Orlando shootings, PoliceOne Academy is giving back to those that support our communities around the country.

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Active Shooter: Phases and Prevention

By recognizing the signs exhibited in the past by perpetrators of active shooter incidents, you will be better prepared to prevent tragedy and loss of life before an attack is made. This course covers common motives and patterns of behavior.

Ambush Awareness and Preparation

This course will educate officers on the threat of ambushes and create awareness of this important issue. It provides an in-depth overview of the topic and offers a comprehensive case study and analysis of Lakewood, Washington incident where four officers lost their lives. In addition, this course outlines a firearms training drill that officers can use right now to prepare for possible attacks.

Anti-Bias Training for Law Enforcement

Certain geographic areas are statistically more accepting of different races and cultures than others. In the past, law enforcement in some areas of the country had a reputation of having a racial bias. While much about society is different, both parties — citizens and law enforcement — can still have thoughts that reflect historical perspective. This course will equip officers to address racial problems and ensure the community understands their professionalism.

Hate Crimes Training for Law Enforcement

The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), run by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, estimates that an average of 169,000 violent hate-crime victimizations occurs each year. Hate/bias crimes seriously threaten our democratic society, which is built on the strength of its diversity. These crimes represent a particularly heinous form of physical and/or verbal violence, in which thousands of Americans are victimized each year because of their skin color, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. This one-hour course is designed to enhance your ability to identify, respond to, deter and investigate hate crimes.

Social Media and Law Enforcement

A robust and comprehensive policy is not in place to extensively cover social media usage for police departments. Some issues departments face regarding social media are legal rights, civil rights, and privacy rights. These issues are still being discussed in the courts. It is beneficial for police officers to successfully monitor social media in order to gain information about threats of criminal activity. This one-hour course will look over the ways social media can be used in law enforcement.

Chief John A. Jackson

“I have found the tools of PoliceOne Academy to be a truly dynamic way to deliver and manage very valuable virtual training for law enforcement. In today’s world, law enforcement must find ways to train more efficiently and effectively, and PoliceOne Academy does that without question. PoliceOne Academy is a valued partner with the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police in our quest to deliver professional law enforcement services to our community.”

Chief John A. Jackson
Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police, President