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Michigan 9-1-1 Committee (SNC) – Approved Courses

PoliceOne Academy is approved to provide 12 courses for dispatchers to complete 15 of the 24 hours of continuing education required every 2 years through the Michigan State Police 911 Administration. PoliceOne Academy reports approved course completions monthly through the Michigan State 911 Administration Portal (MSP).

Dispatch Communications 1 1h LEX2021-2126
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Active Shooter) 2h LEX2021-2127
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Bomb Threats) 1h LEX2021-2128
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Chemical Suicides) 1h LEX2021-2133
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Missing Persons/Sexual Exploitation) 2h LEX2021-2134
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Sovereign Citizens, Domestic Terrorism, and Lone Wolf Attacks) 1h LEX2021-2135
Dispatcher: Ethics in Public Service 1h LEX2021-2136
Dispatcher: Liability And Legal Issues 1h LEX2021-2137
Dispatcher: Stress Management 1h LEX2021-2138
Dispatcher: TTY 1h LEX2021-2139
Domestic Violence Intervention for Dispatchers 2h LEX2021-2140
Handling Missing Children Calls for Dispatchers 1h LEX2021-2141
Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement 2h LEX2021-2247