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Police officers are often looked upon as paragons of virtue. Responsible for upholding and enforcing the law, police officers should have a strong sense of ethical and moral behavior. Discover courses about ethics training, ethical leadership, and how leadership decisions in a police department have an impact.

Course Name Course Description Length
Ethics in Law Enforcement This one-hour Ethical and Effective Policing online course is intended to serve as a guide to stress the importance of ethics training, ethical leadership, and how each leadership decision in a police department has an impact. 1h
Foundations in Ethics for Law Enforcement – NEW! Serving the public’s safety in today’s complex and ever-changing world creates a variety of challenges not only to communities and organizations, but more importantly, to the individuals who have chosen a career in public safety. Serving in an ethical and proactive manner requires a basic foundational knowledge of what constitutes ethics, ethical dilemmas, and a framework for ethical decision making. In this course, Kevin Brame from the non-profit International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Institute (IPSLEI) introduces officers to the elements of ethical views, the definitions associated with ethics, the development of personal ethics, and the effects of applying them. 1h
Sexual Harassment Prevention – Law Enforcement – NEW! Police service is an industry at high risk for sexual harassment and misconduct: a quasi-military, traditionally male-dominated structure confronting the realities of changing demographics, but also a profession in which most employees are vested with a great deal of authority and responsibility. Considering the risks that we take on a daily basis, and the importance of having trust in our fellow officers and supervisors, eradicating sexually harassing behavior from police service is critical to our mission. This course provides you with the information needed to spot and address incidents of sexual harassment in your police department. The problem is not solved simply with awareness. Take the information presented in this course and make meaningful changes to policy, member behavior, and department culture. 1h