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Create and Track Agency-Specific Training

Create your own department courses, quizzes and skills assessments using our course building tool. Our easy-to-use editor allows training administrators to drag and drop content, images, audio and video into any format to allow for custom training management.


Build Your Own Organization-Specific Courses

  • Upload unlimited quantity of custom videos or content, including PowerPoints, PDF files, and Word docs
  • Utilize SCORM format courses built-in tools like Articulate, Captivate and more
  • Integrate YouTube and Vimeo video content

Take Advantage of Features That Go Beyond File Management

  • Courses feature anti-cheating functionality, saved progress, easy navigation, and mobile compatibility
  • Easily organize the content into chapters and subsections. Add multiple quizzes and surveys, as well as a final test
  • Automatically collect acknowledgments on department documents
  • Option to share courses to all of the Academy community, your state or some or all of your Trusted Network

Build Courses to Connect with Your Live Training

  • Reduce in-class or training ground time
  • Create a pre-training course to demonstrate what right looks like and explain the necessary skills
  • Assess student knowledge prior to live training
  • Conduct post-training assessments and collect student feedback