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(Available to customers in California only)

Engage, Inform & Protect with Focal Point Online Courses

Focal Point is a unique training series included as part of the PoliceOne Academy subscription. 

Focal Point courses address contemporary training challenges through a combination of top-tier content developed by law enforcement and legal experts and technology that keeps officers focused and engaged in the learning. Download brochure

Course Previews:

Focal Point Course Highlight:
Addressing Homeless Populations

Focal Point Course Highlight:
Courtroom Testimony in Civil Litigation

Focal Point Course Highlight:
Employee Free Speech

Focal Point Course Highlight:
Investigating Officer-Involved Shooting

POST-Approved Courses in PoliceOne Academy’s Focal Point Training Series

Courses Available Now Upcoming Courses
Courtroom Testimony in Civil Litigation – 2hrs Duty to Intercede
Addressing Homeless Populations- 2hrs De-Escalation
Employee Free Speech (New)– 2hrs Managing Officer Fatigue
Investigating Officer-Involved Shooting (New)– 2hrs Electronic Tools for Criminal Investigations

Keep Officers Engaged

  • Increase learning retention with an immersive, interactive format
  • Provide high-quality content on the topics that matter most
  • Use course modules to break up learning

Prepare Personnel for High-Risk Operations

  • Address topics and tactics that carry high risk and liability
  • Deliver training consistent with Lexipol policies
  • Gauge understanding through interactive comprehension checks

Comply with Training Requirements

  • Assign, track and report on learning assignments electronically
  • Obtain 8 hours of POST-approved training credit each year
  • Reduce failure-to-train liability


(Focal Point is currently available to customers in California only)