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(Available to customers in California only)

Engage, Inform & Protect with Focal Point Online Courses

Focal Point is a unique training series included as part of the PoliceOne Academy subscription. Focal Point courses address training challenges through a combination of top-tier content developed by law enforcement and legal experts and technology that keeps officers focused and engaged in the learning. Topics include Courtroom Testimony in Civil Matters, Addressing Homeless Populations, Employee Free Speech, Officer-Involved Shootings and more.

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Focal Point Course Highlight:
Addressing Homeless Populations

Focal Point Course Highlight:
Courtroom Testimony in Civil Litigation

Keep Officers Engaged

  • Increase learning retention with an immersive, interactive format
  • Provide high-quality content on the topics that matter most
  • Use course modules to break up learning

Prepare Personnel for High-Risk Operations

  • Address topics and tactics that carry high risk and liability
  • Deliver training consistent with Lexipol policies
  • Gauge understanding through interactive comprehension checks

Comply with Training Requirements

  • Assign, track and report on learning assignments electronically
  • Obtain 8 hours of POST-approved training credit each year
  • Reduce failure-to-train liability


(Focal Point is currently available to customers in California only)