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Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement

With Dr. Kevin Gilmartin
Offered exclusively through PoliceOne Academy
Empower officers to thrive with Emotional Wellness Training

Are your officers fully equipped to deal with critical stress? We can’t change the dynamics of the job—but we CAN help officers build resilience and ask for help when needed. Dr. Kevin Gilmartin’s landmark text, Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement, started a revolution in the way law enforcement agencies regard officer mental health.

Now, you can bring Dr. Gilmartin’s live presentations to your agency for a fraction of the cost with the Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement series of online courses, offered exclusively through PoliceOne Academy. Download brochure

With the Emotional Survival for Law
Enforcement series, officers will learn:
  • How to cope with being on high alert and develop strategies
    to transition off-duty
  • Preventive strategies to counteract the physiological and emotional
    impacts of law enforcement work
  • How family members can help officers maintain balanced, healthy lifestyles
Series subscription includes:
  • New courses added each year
  • Continuing education credit through POST in select states
  • Access to core features of PoliceOne Academy, such as tracking and reporting on course assignments


Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement – 2 Hours
Dr. Kevin Gilmartin shares some of the most effective strategies for managing stress, preventing career burnout, and protecting yourself and your family from becoming casualties of a career in law enforcement.
Achieve Peak Performance in Emotional Survival – 2 Hours
Dr. Gilmartin and Mandy Nice, strategic wellness director for Lexipol, team up to provide practical applications and insight for first responders seeking to achieve peak performance in Emotional Survival.
How to Lead in Emotional Survival – 1 Hour – NEW!
Emotional Survival is anything but a solo mission. Leading in emotional survival is critical to the overall wellness of each officer as well as the law enforcement culture. This course provides those in the organization’s leadership with practical steps to help lead others to becoming emotional survivors.
Emotional Survival: Tactics – 1 Hour – NEW!
Dr. Kevin Gilmartin and Lexipol’s Mandy Nice are back to discuss how the hypervigilance “Biological Rollercoaster” presents unique health challenges for first responders and necessitates help for the helpers. They will offer you practical strategies to close the therapy gap and maintain healthy relationships amidst a demanding career. Learn how to leverage the power of peer-to-peer support and shatter the stigma around seeking mental health assistance, all while enhancing your physical health and emotional resilience in this vital profession.
Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement (CA) – 2 Hours
In this exclusive course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from a premier expert, Dr. Kevin Gilmartin, a behavioral scientist specializing in law enforcement and public safety-related issues and the author of the book Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement: A Guide for Officers and Their Families.
Managing Hypervigilance (CA) – 1 Hour – NEW!
In this course, Dr. Gilmartin discusses the concept of hypervigilance and how it affects police officers in their daily work. Hypervigilance is defined as a heightened state of awareness and sensitivity to potential threats, which can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion. This emotional survival course covers strategies for managing hypervigilance, including mindfulness techniques, stress management, and self-care. It also examines the impact of hypervigilance on officers’ personal and professional lives and explores ways to support officers in maintaining a healthy balance. The course aims to provide officers with the tools they need to manage their hypervigilance and improve their overall well-being. 

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Equip your officers to deal with critical stress and build resilience.