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K-9 Behaviors, Handling and Training

Whether it’s your average pet or a police K-9, understanding how these animals operate can be an important factor for law enforcement officers. Increase your canine knowledge with courses on best practices for canine handling, K-9 behavior, and dangerous encounters with canines in the field.

Course Name Course Description Length
Best Practices in Dangerous Canine Encounters With more than 78 million dogs in 44% of US households, law enforcement officers will no doubt have to encounter these animals in their line of work. Because animals can sometimes be unpredictable, officers must be prepared for their unpredictability by recognizing dog behaviors and identifying the best tools and approaches to handling them. In this 1-hour course, officers will examine the best practices for dealing with canine encounters, some of which will require use of force. 1h
K-9 Operations Developing a K9 unit, funding it, and training the animals can be difficult. In this course, we explore how a department can develop a K9 unit, as well as the costs involved and potential funding avenues; Another key theme is how K9 units have evolved in the use of canines with SWAT operations. We will also cover some tried and true commands for training K9s while discovering what it means to be in a high-risk situation. Real-life examples of rulings from the Supreme Court regarding searches will also be explored. This comprehensive training block course covers all requirements from tactical teams to patrol conditions and the relationship between K9 units. 1h
Law Enforcement Encounters with Canines Citizens of the United States own approximately 77.8 million dogs, which are likely to be encountered in 39 percent of residential locations. Most people view dogs as more than just pets. As law enforcement officers, you are very likely to encounter canines in the field, and in this two-hour course we will provide you with skills and strategies to identify the signals of a dog attack and the awareness to properly deal with an attack that cannot be avoided and the aftermath of using deadly force on a dog. 2h
Law Enforcement Encounters with Dogs One of the challenges law enforcement officers may face while on duty is how to handle encounters with dogs. Coming face-to-face with a barking, growling, angry-looking canine with a mouth full of sharp teeth can be unnerving, and it can be difficult for an officer to determine in a split-second whether a dog is dangerous. It can be even more difficult for officers to respond quickly enough to protect themselves and others from harm. This course will present information on preparing for and responding to dog encounters and includes information on recognizing and assessing dog behavior, employing effective options to manage law enforcement canine encounters, and actions that should be taken after the contact. 3h