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Colorado POST Courses from PoliceOne Academy

PoliceOne Academy has been recognized as a Certified Training Provider by the Colorado State Commission on Peace Officer Standards & Training. Our online training can be used to fulfill 24 hours of annual in-service training. Are you looking for a way to meet Colorado POST training requirements while saving time, money and avoiding the hassle associated with in-person training and manual documentation? You’ve come to the right place.


PoliceOne Academy is approved to provide the following online courses:

Course Title Course Number Hours
Achieve Peak Performance in Emotional Survival ESLE201 1.5h
Active Shooter 1 ACTS101 1h
Active Shooter 2 ACTS102 1h
Active Shooter 3 ACTS103 1h
Active Shooter 4 ACTS107 1h
Active Shooter Preparation and Response for Schools ACTS108 1h
Active Shooter: Phases and Prevention ACTS104 1h
Active Shooter: Recognition and Basic Response ACTS105 1h
ADA Compliance in Business COMPL112 1h
Addressing Homeless Populations HOME101 2h
Adult Learning Concepts for Field Trainers LEAD99 1h
Advanced Policing: Emotional Intelligence EMOP200 1h
Ambush Awareness and Preparation ACTS106 1h
Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement (1 hour) CULT103 1h
Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement (2 hours) CULT104 2h
Anti-Harassment in the Workplace HUMR121 1h
Applications of the Fourth Amendment in Search and Seizure LEGL1191 2h
Arrest, Search, & Seizure (Fourth Amendment) LEGL109 2h
Autism for Law Enforcement: Definition and Prevalence AUT01 2h
Autism for Law Enforcement: Promoting Safe Outcomes AUT02 2h
Basic Firearm Safety FIRE110 1h
Becoming a Leader in Law Enforcement LDLE100 1h
Best Practices in Dangerous Canine Encounters K9101 1h
Bloodborne Pathogens OSHA105 2h
Bloodborne Pathogens (1 hour) OSHA101 1h
Bloodborne Pathogens for First Responders COMPL102 1h
Body Armor and the Changing Landscape of Public Safety PEMS102 1h
Body-Worn Cameras For Law Enforcement BODY102 2h
Bomb Threats in Schools RESP104 1h
Campus Based Training: Clery Act INVS106 2h
Campus Policing CAMP101 1h
Child Abuse and Neglect INVS102 2h
Child Safety Upon Parental Arrest PTRL101 1h
Children and Law Enforcement CHLAF101 1h
Civil Rights COMS105 4h
Communication Skills 1 COMS101 1h
Communication Skills 2 COMS102 1h
Communication Skills 3 COMS103 1h
Communication Skills 4 COMS104 1h
Community Policing CULT110 2h
Community Policing Strategies CULT106 1h
Constitutional and Community Policing LEGL107 2h
Constitutional Law CONST101 1h
Contraband Control CCC102 1h
Controlling the Situation CONT101 1h
Corrections 1 CORR101 1h
Corrections 2 CORR102 1h
Corrections Liability LEGL119 1h
Courthouse Security COURT101 2h
Courtroom Preparation, Conduct, and Presentation LEGL120 1h
COVID-19 for Law Enforcement COVID19LE 1h
Crisis Intervention in Dealing with Mentally Ill Subjects CIMI101 2h
Crisis Intervention Training Overview COMM101 1h
Crowd Control 1 CROC101 1h
Crowd Control 2 CROC102 1h
Crowd Control 3 CROC103 1h
Cultural Awareness and Diversity Overview CULT109 1h
Current Drug Trends INVS115 2h
Cyberstalking INET102 1h
Dealing with Armed Suspects DEAS101 1h
De-Escalation and Minimizing Use of Force DEES101 2h
De-escalation and Reasonable Use of Force DEES1010 2h
De-Escalation Strategies and Techniques DEES200 2h
Defensive Driving Principles EVOC104 1h
Defensive Tactics 1 DEFT101 1h
Defensive Tactics 10 DEFT110 1h
Defensive Tactics 11 DEFT111 1h
Defensive Tactics 12 DEFT112 1h
Defensive Tactics 13 DEFT114 1h
Defensive Tactics 15 DEFT116 1h
Defensive Tactics 2 DEFT102 1h
Defensive Tactics 3 DEFT103 1h
Defensive Tactics 4 DEFT014 1h
Defensive Tactics 5 DEFT105 1h
Defensive Tactics 6 DEFT106 1h
Defensive Tactics 7 DEFT107 1h
Defensive Tactics 8 DEFT108 1h
Defensive Tactics 9 DEFT109 1h
Developing Leadership GNPS118 1h
Dispatch Communications 1 DISC101 1h
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Active Shooter) DISC102 2h
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Bomb Threats) DISC103 1h
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Chemical Suicides) DISC104 1h
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Missing Persons/Sexual Exploitation) DISC105 2h
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Sovereign Citizens, Domestic Terrorism, and Lone Wolf Attacks) DISC111 1h
Dispatcher: Ethics in Public Service DISC109 1h
Dispatcher: Liability And Legal Issues DISC108 1h
Dispatcher: Stress Management DISC107 1h
Dispatcher: TTY DISC112 1h
Distracted Driving for First Responders DDFFR100 1h
Distracted Driving For Law Enforcement DIST101 4h
Domestic Violence Intervention for Dispatchers DISC110 2h
Driving Safety for First Responders PTRL102 1h
Driving Techniques EVOC103 1h
Driving While Distracted DIST102 2h
Drone Use for First Responders LETC104 2h
Drunk Driving TRAS108 1h
Eating Right for Health and Fitness GNHW119 1h
Edged Weapons 1 EDGW101 1h
Edged Weapons 2 EDGW102 1h
Emotional & Psychological Disorders 1 EMOP101 1h
Emotional & Psychological Disorders 2 EMOP105 1h
Emotional Intelligence for Leaders GNPS121 1h
Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement  ESLE101 2h
Employee Free Speech FREE101 2h
Employee Recognition GNMS124 1h
Employee Retention GNMS125 1h
Environmental Crimes 1 ENVC101 1h
Equipment Training 1 EQUT101 1h
Ethical Behavior for Corrections Officers CEB101 2h
Ethics in Law Enforcement ETHIC101 1h
Evidence Collection, Control, and Storage INVS116 1h
Expect the Unexpected 1 EXPC101 1h
Financial Crimes INVS107 4h
Firearms 1 FIRE101 1h
Firearms 2 FIRE102 1h
Firearms 3 FIRE103 1h
Firearms 4 FIRE104 1h
Firearms 5 FIRE105 1h
Firearms 6 FIRE106 1h
Firearms Tactics FIRT101 1h
First Amendment Rights of Public Sector Employees LEGL1021 1h
First Responder Traffic Incident Management OSHA103 2h
Fitness & Nutrition 1 FITN101 1h
Fitness & Nutrition 2 FITN102 1h
Fitness & Nutrition 3 FITN103 1h
Fitness & Nutrition 4 FITN104 1h
Fitness & Nutrition 5 FITN105 1h
Gangs 1 GANG101 1h
Gangs 2 GANG102 1h
Gangs 3 GANG103 1h
Generational Differences for Law Enforcement CULT111 1h
Guide to Temporary Traffic Control in Work Zones RWHW113 1h
Handling Missing Children Calls for Dispatchers DCPO110 1h
Handling Robbery Calls INVS117 1h
Hate Crimes Training For Law Enforcement HATE101 1h
HIPAA For First Responders COMPL1122 1h
Holds and Restraints: Holds Demonstration HOLD101 1h 45m
Holds and Restraints: Restraints Demonstration HOLD102 1h
Hostage Negotiations HNEG101 2h
How to Lead in Emotional Survival HLES100 1h
Human Trafficking, Part I HUMT101 2h
Human Trafficking, Part II HUMT102 2h
Identity Theft Crimes INVS105 3h
Implementing a Body-Worn Camera Program BODY101 2h
Implicit Bias CULT108 1h
Interacting with the Mentally Ill as a First Responder EMOP107 1h
Internet/ Technology in Law Enforcement 1 INET101 1h
Interviews and Interrogations INVS113 1h
Intoxicated Driving TRAS106 1h
Introduction to Incident Command System for Police Officers TACO103 1h
Investigating Child Abuse and Neglect PTRL103 2h
Investigating Officer-Involved Shootings OIS101 2h
Investigative Skills 1 INVS101 1h
Investigative Skills 2 INVS108 1h
Juvenile Justice STOP132 1h
K-9 Operations K9104 1h
Law Enforcement and the Family Dynamic COMM102 1h
Law Enforcement Encounters with Canines K9102 2h
Law Enforcement Intelligence INVS119 4h
Law Enforcement Response to Active Shooter Incidents ACTS1009 2h
Law Enforcement Stress Indicators FITN108 1h
Leadership 1 LEAD101 1h
Leadership 2 LEAD102 1h
Leadership 3 LEAD103 1h
Leadership 4 LEAD104 1h
Leadership 5 LEAD105 1h
Leadership 6 LEAD106 1h
Leadership 7 LEAD107 1h
Leadership 8 LEAD109 1h
Leadership Essentials LEAD200 2h
Leadership in Law Enforcement LEAF101 1h
Legal 1 LEGL101 1h
Legal 2 LEGL102 1h
Legal 3 LEGL104 1h
Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) LAP101 2h
Litigation Procedures LEGL114 1h
Managing Fatigue in 24/7 Operations GNHW135 1h
Managing Homeless Populations GNHW118 1h
Mass Casualty, Natural Disaster Standards OSHA104 1h
MedicAlert: Community Policing Support EMOP108 1h
Meeting Management GNMS109 1h
Mental Health in Jails CMH101 1h
Missing and Exploited Children INVS103 4h
Missing Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease EMOP103 1h
Naloxone INVS120 1h
Narcotics Enforcement 1 NARC101 1h
Narcotics Enforcement 2 NARC102 1h
Off-Duty Safety & Survival 1 OFFD102 1h
Off-Duty, Safe, and Ready OFFD101 1h
Officer Liability LEGL103 2h
Officer Safety OFFS101 1h
Officer Safety and Procedure in Domestic Violence Response OFFS106 2h
Officer Survival 1 OFFS103 1h
Officer Survival 2 OFFS104 1h
Officer Survival 3 OFFS105 1h
Officer Survival 4 OFFS107 1h
Officer Survival 5 OFFS108 1h
Officer Tactical Training DEFT117 2h
Officer Well-Being OFFW101 1h
Officer Wellness & Mental Health Awareness OFFS109 2h
Onstar Public Safety ONSTAR101 1h
Opioid Crisis: Protecting Our First Responders OFFS110 1h
Overcoming Resistance: Start with Mental Preparation OFFS102 1h
Patrol 1 PATL101 1h
Patrol 2 PATL102 1h
Patrol 3 PATL103 1h
Patrol 4 PATL104 1h
PREA – Prison Rape Elimination Act CCT108 1h
Preparing Your Response to Challenging Situations OFFS111 1h
Presenting Effective Testimony in a Courtroom LEGL115 1h
Preventing Bullying in Schools RESP105 1h
Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Overview  LEGL001 1h
Problem Oriented Policing LEAD110 4h
Procedural Justice CULT105 2h
Professional Police Driving EVOC101 1h
Protecting Transportation Systems RESP108 1h
Protection from Ransomware and Phishing Attacks ITEC102 1h
Public Recording of Police Activities LEGL110 1h
Pursuit Driving PURD101 1h
Pursuit Driving Basics EVOC102 1h
Pursuit Driving Fundamentals PURD102 2h
Racial Profiling Part 1 RACP101 1h
Racial Profiling Part 2: Data Collection RACP102 2h
Real-Life Video Training 1 REAL101 1h
Recognizing and Responding to Domestic Violence INVS104 2h
Recruiting Excellent Employees HUMR134 1h
Reducing Graffiti in Your Community INFO101 1h
Report Writing 1 REPW101 1h
Report Writing 2 REPW102 1h
Responders at Risk: Protecting First Responders From Opioid Exposure OFFW102 1h
Responding to Emergencies 1 RESP101 1h
Responding to Emergencies 2 RESP102 1h
Responding to People with Mental Illness EMOP104 2h
School Resource Officers EDSC101 1h
Search and Seizure SCOTUS Update LEGL111 1h
Sexual Harassment For Managers COMPL108 2h
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace HUMR137 1h
Shaping an Ethical Workplace Culture GNMS137 1h
Social Media and Law Enforcement SOCIAL101 1h
Stress and Your Health GNHW107 1h
Subject Control 1 SUBC101 1h
Subject Control 2 SUBC102 1h
Subject Control 3 SUBC103 1h
Subject Control 4 SUBC104 1h
Subject Precipitated Homicide EMOP109 1h
Sudden Unexplained Infant Death (SUID) RESP103 5h
Suicide by Cop EMOP106 1h
Suicide Investigation for Law Enforcement Investigators INVS121 1h
Suicide Prevention for Law Enforcement PREV101 1h
Suspects in Medical Distress RESP107 1h
Tactical Operations 1 TACO101 1h
Tactical Operations 2 TACO102 1h
Tactical Patrol Considerations PATL105 1h
Temporary Holding Facilities TEMP200 1h
Terrorism 1 TERR101 1h
Terrorism 2 TERR102 1h
Terrorism 3 TERR103 1h
The Importance of Communication in Law Enforcement POLD122 1h
The LGBTQ Community CULT107 1h
The Will to Win 1 WILL101 1h
The Will to Win 2 WILL102 1h
The Will to Win 3 WILL103 1h
The Will to Win 4 WILL104 1h
The Will to Win 5 WILL105 1h
The Will to Win 6 WILL106 1h
Traffic Incident Management – Quick Clearance PATL106 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 1 TRAS101 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 2 TRAS102 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 3 TRAS103 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 4 TRAS104 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 5 TRAS105 1h
Traffic Stops and Officer Safety TRAS107 1h
Understanding and Responding to Excited Delirium Calls EMOP102 1h
Understanding Hostage Incidents CUH101 1h
Use of Force UOFC101 2h
Use of Force Situations UOFR101 1h
Use of Less Lethal Force UOFR102 1h
Using Oleoresin Capsicum DTPO254 1h
Using Social Media for Investigations SOCIAL102 2h
Using the Straight Armbar to Gain Subject Compliance DEFT113 1h
Vehicle Safety EVOC105 1h
Warrantless DWI Blood Draws LEGL1013 1h
Workplace Bullying COMPL111 1h
Workplace Stress Resiliency GNPS112 1h
Written Communication and Report Writing CCT106 1h