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Today, Law Enforcement is faced with a multitude of challenges, including threats, substantial budget cuts and increasing levels of liability. As a leading learning management system (LMS), PoliceOne Academy is honored to provide agencies cutting-edge technology and educational content to address their training needs and compliance requirements. Our #1 priority is our client’s satisfaction and their ability to protect and serve on a daily basis.

“We are extremely pleased with PoliceOne Academy’s platform, which has provided readily accessible training and a tool where we can quickly communicate new general orders. The ability to design our own training is great because the content is available around the clock for our officers. One of our initial goals was to get our officers to complete our 8 hours of mandatory training online instead of at the academy, which has saved on time and cost tremendously. With PoliceOne, IMPD has saved $100,000 in the past year and doubled our training time average per officer in just months. We truly enjoy the ready-made training courses, custom course editor, policies and off-line training, all of which our officers [have come to] love.” Click here to read the Press Release & Click here to read the Case Study

– Major James Cleek, Training Bureau CommanderIndianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, IN

“[PoliceOne Academy] is well worth the price and our officers have been using the training system since we put it into place. We have tried other [training solutions] but the content and production in PoliceOne keeps and holds our officers’ attention. With the addition of state imposed, unfunded mandates, we are able to use the programming to meet the State of Ohio’s [requirements]. The Academy is very user friendly and we like that supervisors have the ability to find and assign training programs at the shift level. Our subscription is worth every penny.”

– Assistant Chief Thomas WellsSpringdale Police Department, OH

“Being a smaller agency, we couldn’t afford to take officers out of their regular rotation to send them to off-site training. Additionally, it seemed every training opportunity had exorbitant cost attached to it. Our goal was to maximize training without breaking budget and PoliceOne Academy was able to meet both needs. With a large library of MCOLES accredited training courses, it is easy to train our officers on pertinent and up-to-date law enforcement issues. PoliceOne Academy is a bargain. We received almost unlimited training at a low cost per officer.”

– Chief Brian NewcombCaro Police Department, MI

“Our department finds PoliceOne Academy easily accessible and the training meets the scheduling needs off the officers. The cost of a subscription beats having to host or send members to train outside of the department. Another reason we chose PoliceOne Academy was because of the availability of courses on topics that are trending in the community.”

– Chief Ralph Maher, TrainerTown of Oak Creek Police Department, CO

“Ease of use and a cost effective platform are major reasons we chose PoliceOne Academy to train our officers. [Since implementing PoliceOne’s training platform], having many of the mandated courses continues to help us save on training cost and allows us to send our officers to classes that would not be as suitable to learn online. We enjoy having the policy and course creator functions, [which we use] for all of our policies.”

– Captain James GroomVenus Police Department, TX

“The main reason we decided to use PoliceOne Academy as our training provider was for the platform features and content. On top of the course selection, we found the cost to be reasonable, as it cuts back on the cost of sending someone to training when they can do classes online. The customer service is great, and we enjoy the different courses that are offered.”

– Sgt. Nick JenkinsGoshen County Sheriff’s Office, WY

“The fact that there is a wide selection of available training modules is something that we like about PoliceOne Academy. Also, because the training courses are recognized toward POST certification, it helps our officers meet training mandates. We find PoliceOne Academy to be cost-effective, estimating about $15,000 in annual savings by implementing this training solution.”

– Chief Joseph MorrisArapahoe Community College, CO

“Our department has subscribed to PoliceOne Academy for a couple of years. We have received excellent training on topics that we are required to get in order to be in compliance with various requirements. The value is well beyond the actual cost. We could not get this training elsewhere for the price, which is reasonable for even a small agency. Police One is a great and affordable training resource.”

– Chief Gary BarbourFrederick Police Dept, CO

“PoliceOne Academy has been an invaluable training tool for our department. It allows us the flexibility of relevant training to suit our needs. Most importantly we save thousands of dollars annually in overtime and course registration fees while being able to increase departmental training.” Click here to read the full Case Study

– Chief Alexander CoghillCanonsburg Police Dept, PA

“With budgets the way they are, P1A offers a way to give our deputies additional learning opportunities that do not require overtime or special equipment. Our deputies can utilize the website to conduct roll-call training, or complete it as an individual during down times of their shift.”

– Investigator Chris Brooks, Professional Standards UnitMesa County (Colo.) Sheriff’s Office

“We enjoy PoliceOne Academy for the ease of use when training officers. [The training courses are beneficial] to getting our CEM classes when we have time to take them. The feature that has proven to be the most valuable to our department is the assignments tracking, which allows us to see when our personnel are completing training and which courses they need to meet mandates.”

– Detective Darrell Hunter, Training Coordinator

Frankton Police Department, IN

“One of the primary reasons we enjoy PoliceOne Academy is for the platform’s features and content. With the training content, we’re able to educate our officers, track their certifications and report easily to the State of Oregon (DPSST). Since using PoliceOne Academy, we have certainly seen cost-savings in the thousands.”

– Chief Scott Shepherd

Cottage Grove Police Department, OR

“PoliceOne Academy has been an excellent resource for helping us fulfill our supplemental training needs. We especially appreciate being able to upload our own mandatory training videos that employees can view from any PC as time allows. This saves us a considerable amount of overtime and allows us to make the most out of our in-person training by using this time for “hands-on” training and using PoliceOne Academy for lecture videos that can be done in an online format. Tracking and reporting features also make it very easy for us to track and log our employees’ training hours.”

– Major John A. Godar, Second Deputy

Linn County Sheriff’s Office, IA

“This is a wonderful program that you guys at Police One have created. The example of the training plan that you created was also very helpful. I have several officers that have completed training modules that I can input into the Louisiana State P.O.S.T. Database that helps keep them current with the states guidelines.”

– Sgt. Robert Stikes, Training Coordinator

Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport Police Dept, LA

“I have been with Police One Academy for one year and have found the video training to be a great resource for our officers. The content appropriate for our operations, and the length of videos allow officers to watch them on duty while being available for their shifts. The admin access that I have allows me to track everything I need, ensuring the completion of the officers’ training assignments, all while at work. As far as the cost, at the end of the first year, we paid about $1 per hour for video training per officer.”

– David Weatherwax, Director of Security

Hilton Head Island Beach & Tennis Resort

“We saw [PoliceOne Academy] being used by a larger department and after looking into PoliceOne, we decided to try it out. [Not only has] it saved us money, but we find the custom course tool truly valuable. Our officers have ample time to take and complete the training courses we create, which is great.”

– Chief Mike Crooke

Cumberland Metropolitan Police Department, IN

“[We found value in purchasing PoliceOne Academy] based on cost, the efficient training methods and the ability to assign officers assignments to take during unencumbered time during their shift, and at their own pace. The ability to create custom policies, review assignments and track [progress] has been very helpful. Our assigned Account Manager, Lacie Pearson, has helped us set up our subscription and answered each of our questions in a timely manner. PoliceOne [continues to] meet our expectations.”

– Rick Kempsell

Broomfield Police Department, CO

“Our department has been using PoliceOne Academy for a year now and have found it extremely user friendly. Our officers are always giving feedback on the excellent quality of the videos and the up-to-date, relevant subject matter. Many of our officers complete courses beyond what they are assigned because of the quality of instruction they receive. The Academy seems to always be improving their training system by increasing their library of topics for law enforcement. The customizable courses are outstanding, giving us the ability to create our own training courses or policy reviews and then assign and track completion with exportable files. PoliceOne Academy has great tech support and they encourage suggestions and try very hard to meet your needs. We have used other systems and PoliceOne Academy by far has been the easiest and most reliable I have experienced.”

– Lt. Dan Jewell, Training Coordinator

Berrien County Sheriff’s Office, MI

“There were several aspects of PoliceOne Academy that drew me in. The two biggest were affordability and ease of use from an administrative perspective. In order to award in-service credit Virginia requires lesson plans, a testing component, and a way to show the number of hours an officer spent on the training. PoliceOne had all of these features built in, making assigning training topics for in-service credit easy.”

– Mike Harvey, Executive Director

Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy, VA

“Our department was looking for a cost effective way to get training for our Officers, Communications Operators and other staff and the Police One Academy filled that completely. The courses are really informative and applicable to daily work. The on-line Instructors are extremely well-informed and great presenters. The wide range of training the Academy offers is helpful to our staff so they can choose the length of instruction be it a 10 minute roll call to a full 4 hour, TCOLE approved training course. For an agency looking to go outside of the box for training options this is the way to go!”

– Sergeant Eric Weber, Training SergeantUT System Police – San Antonio


“The primary reason we chose PoliceOne Academy was because of the convenience of obtaining mandated training for the development of our staff. The platform’s ease of use, variety of topics and TCOLE eligible courses were a plus when we were selecting a training solution that met the needs our department and officers. PoliceOne Academy positively impacted our training budget and we enjoy the selection of specialized training for the development of our officers.”

– Lt. Tracy A. O’Connor Robinson Police Department, TX

“We chose PoliceOne Academy as our training provider because of the convenience. It has simplified the process of getting courses reviewed by officers while they are on duty. Our officers have also said they like the convenience of being able to complete their training online. The custom course builder allows us to insert our own subject matter into the platform, which adds to the variety of courses already available.”

– Chief Mike Crooke, Trainer Cumberland Metropolitan Police Dept., IN

“The department found PoliceOne Academy’s training helpful because it fits into our crew’s busy schedule. With an online platform that has a variety of courses to select from, we can accomplish state requirements, in addition to working on areas that affect departments nationally. I like that the classes have required quizzes and tests to make sure officers understand the material and reporting to gather data on training completions.”

– Lt. Chris Wurtsmith, Training Coordinator Carbondale Police Department, CO

“We are about to renew for another year of our subscription and can’t imagine not having [PoliceOne Academy] as a learning tool for our department. Not only is it easy to use and cost effective, but the variety of classes and continuous updates to course content allow our department to assign training at any time. We also like the fact that everybody in the department receives the same training assignment regardless of rank or status.”

– Chief Richard Priest Lytle Police Dept, TX

“Required training is very difficult when you are dealing with Reserve Officers that are working their primary jobs and various shifts. PoliceOne Academy has been able to provide us with ongoing training so that our officers can meet annual state training requirements.”

– Major Rick Weidig, Training Coordinator Knox County Sheriff’s Department, IN

“Our department has been using PoliceOne Academy for a year now and have found it extremely user friendly. Our officers are always giving feedback on the excellent quality of the videos and the up-to-date, relevant subject matter. Many of our officers complete courses beyond what they are assigned because of the quality of instruction they receive. The Academy seems to always be improving their training system by increasing their library of topics for law enforcement. The customizable courses are outstanding, giving us the ability to create our own training courses or policy reviews and then assign and track completion with exportable files. PoliceOne Academy has great tech support and they encourage suggestions and try very hard to meet your needs. We have used other systems and PoliceOne Academy by far has been the easiest and most reliable I have experienced.”

– Lt. Dan Jewell, Training CoordinatorBerrien County Sheriff’s Office, MI

“The PoliceOne Academy subscription that our agency signed up for over a year ago has quickly become an excellent training resource for our entire police department. There are literally hundreds of short training videos covering every facet of Law Enforcement that are ideal for daily roll-call training. The production quality and content has far exceeded our expectations, and the addition of the full length video training courses has made it even more valuable to us. Later this year we plan to utilize the Excited Delirium and Active Shooter full length courses in conjunction with our “hands-on” In-Service training. We are now in our second full year subscription to P1 Academy and are extremely satisfied with the overall product.”

– Officer Joe Engman, Training CoordinatorBellevue Police Department, WA

“As a longtime user of the PoliceOne website, I have always found the information contained on their website to be useful for not only officers, but also in the academic setting teaching law enforcement students. When P1-Academy was released, I knew we had to find some way to become members. After only 2 short months as members, I have found the different training categories and sub-categories to be packed full of useful information and it has been an incredible addition to all of the courses I teach. Although it is often that we view these videos as the result of a tragedy to a fellow officer, I also feel we owe it to current and future officers to show and discuss these videos so that we can train current officers and prepare future officers for all the hidden dangers of this profession. Hats off to PoliceOne for another excellent product!”

– Sgt. Chris Dobratz (Ret.), Assistant Professor of Law EnforcementMinnesota State University Mankato

“Ennis Police Department wanted to offer a resource to our employees that proved to be different from what we had previously. Since adopting [PoliceOne Academy], this system has been very good and is used daily across the Department. [There is] plenty of TCOLE approved training and assignments allow us to ensure that all personnel are receiving mandated training hours on topics relevant to their position. The assignments are the best feature [in the system] because it saves us from having to rush to find training for personnel at the end of the State training cycle.”

– David AnthonyEnnis Police Department, TX

“PoliceOne Academy is an effective means of providing training for officers whenever they have a free moment of downtime on the job or at home. All the Academy topics and videos are phenomenal (such as Handcuffing and Search and Seizure) and brings updated current training to the forefront of my department. It’s there all the time and it’s easy to use.”

– James Darmos, Executive Director of Training New York City Department of Citywide Admin Services, NY

“I have found the tools of PoliceOne Academy to be a truly dynamic way to deliver and manage very valuable virtual training for law enforcement. In today’s world, law enforcement must find ways to train more efficiently and effectively, and PoliceOne Academy does that without question. PoliceOne Academy is a valued partner with the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police in our quest to deliver professional law enforcement services to our community.”

– Chief John A. Jackson, PresidentColorado Association of Chiefs of Police

“In an effort to make training more accessible for our department, PoliceOne Academy has allowed us to train year round without having to take officers off the street to sit in a classroom. P1A offers a multitude of topics that address current issues affecting our department, city, and society in general. Thank you P1A!”

– Sgt. Satre, Training DivisionMonroe Police Dept, LA

“Our agency currently uses an online based training system; however, our system does not provide training on tactics or patrol procedures. PoliceOne Academy would be a great addition to complement ours.”

– Edward V. Ochoa M.S.ICE U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

“The Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy is honored to be partnered with PoliceOne Academy to bring high quality online training to our officers and deputies. For less than the cost of gas to send an officer to the academy for one class, my agencies can provide year-round training and in-service credits to meet the state requirements. In addition to the many training opportunities, the customer service far exceeded my expectations. The level of support provided makes us feel like we are their only customer. I would recommend PoliceOne Academy to any law enforcement agency looking to supplement their training needs.”

– Mike Harvey, Executive Director

Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy, VA

“Our department chose PoliceOne Academy for the quality training, ease of use and unmatched customer service. The ability to integrate topic-specific courses with our general orders and train officers on material that meets the agency’s needs was a bonus. Since implementing PoliceOne Academy, we have reduced overtime and travel cost associated with sending employees to outside training venues.”

– Asst. Chief Pete Bacon

Webster Police Department, TX

“[PoliceOne Academy account manager] Lacie Pearson has been phenomenal to work with. I am new to using the system and she has helped with guiding me through the program, setting up our training and always answering any and all questions.”

– Training Director Christine Arsenault

Essex County Sheriff’s Dept, MA

“We are using this program like crazy, we’ve meet the Colorado POST requirements months ago for training and the Officers are averaging 3-4 modules a month. There have even been portions of the program we have implemented in the School Resource Officers class room presentations. This is the best program I have seen and used in 15 years.”

– Corporal Dan Abdella

Bayfield Marshal’s Office, CO

“PoliceOne Academy online training is a valuable tool for any officer, that provides high liability training at a moment’s notice.” Click here to read the full Case Study

– Lieutenant Eric Rauch

Polk County Sheriff’s Office, FL

“We believe that the PoliceOne Academy’s online training is an excellent way to augment a training program and produce a culture where “every day is a training day”. Additionally, the staff has been great in supporting our launch.”

– Captain Billy Breedlove, Director of Training

Corpus Christi Police Department, TX

“My department has been using this service for several months now, and it is a great learning and teaching tool. As a sergeant assigned to patrol supervisor duties, I find it effective in conducting roll call training and using the blocks of instruction to reinforce lessons learned from incidents we have dealt with.”

– Sgt. Timothy D. Cook, Jr.

Attleboro Police Department, MA

“[PoliceOne Academy] is an excellent resource to build TCLEOSE credit! [The learning management system supplies] great refresher material on aspects related to officer safety, which is an important reinforcement of officer safety practices. Also, PoliceOne Academy’s staff are very responsive and informative.”

– Asst. Chief Tom Mylett

Port of Corpus Christi Authority, TX

“As of mid-December, all of our 115 full time certified officers reached 100% compliance in meeting Colorado POST’s new mandatory annual training requirements for 2015. PoliceOne Academy has been a huge help in reaching that goal. We look forward to using PoliceOne Academy in the coming year.”

– Dan Bender, Training Coordinator

La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, CO