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PLEAC Accreditation Training Requirements


PoliceOne Academy is a MPOETC-approved training provider and the courses listed below are approved by the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC). Our courses are eligible for elective (non-mandatory) hours of Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE) credit. Upon successful completion, these courses are automatically transferred to the officer’s TACS training record. Are you looking for a way to meet MPOETC training requirements while saving time, money and hassle associated with in-person training and manual documentation? You’ve come to the right place.

The table below shows the total hours of content that PoliceOne Academy has that can be used to meet the PLEAC accreditation requirements:


Course Title Course Number Hours
Active Shooter 1 CLE00226 1h
Active Shooter 2 CLE00227 1h
Active Shooter 3 CLE00228 1h
Active Shooter 4 CLE00422 1h
Active Shooter Preparation and Response for Schools CLE01140 1h
Active Shooter: Phases and Prevention CLE00229 1h
Active Shooter: Recognition and Basic Response CLE00230 1h
Adult Learning Concepts for Field Trainers CLE01424 1h
Airborne and Bloodborne Pathogens CLE01039 1h
Ambush Awareness and Preparation CLE00231 1h
Anti-Bias Training for Law Enforcement CLE00232 1h
Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement (2 hours) CLE00942 2h
Anti-Harassment in the Workplace CLE01141 1h
Basic Firearm Safety CLE01225 1h
Basic First Aid CLE01226 2h
Best Practices in Dangerous Canine Encounters CLE00233 1h
Bloodborne Pathogens for First Responders CLE00654 1h
Body-Worn Cameras For Law Enforcement CLE01228 2h
Career Professionalism CLE01142 1h
Child Abuse and Neglect CLE00822 2h
Communication Skills 2 CLE00236 1h
Community Policing CLE01231 2h
Community Policing Strategies CLE00239 1h
Computer Security Basics CLE01232 1h
Confined Spaces 101 CLE01233 1h
Confined Spaces 102 CLE01234 1h
Conflict and Dispute Resolution CLE01235 1h
Contraband Control CLE01236 1h
Court Tactics and Techniques CLE01237 1h
Courthouse Security CLE01238 2h
COVID-19 for Law Enforcement CLE01524 1h
Crisis Management CLE01239 1h
Crowd Control 1 CLE01240 1h
Crowd Control 2 CLE01241 1h
Crowd Control 3 CLE01242 1h
Cyberstalking CLE00820 1h
Dealing with Angry Employees CLE01246 1h
Dealing with Cold Stress CLE01248 1h
Dealing with Heat Stress CLE01249 1h
Dealing with Stress CLE01250 1h
Dealing with the Media CLE01251 1h
De-Escalation and Minimizing Use of Force CLE00360 2h
De-escalation and Reasonable Use of Force CLE01599 2h
Developing Effective Communication Skills CLE01252 1h
Developing Leadership CLE01253 1h
Diabetic Emergencies CLE01254 1h
Distracted Driving For Law Enforcement CLE00243 4h
Diversity in the Workplace CLE01255 1h
Drone Use for First Responders CLE01258 2h
Duty to Intercede CLE01669 1h
Eating Right for Health and Fitness CLE01260 1h
Edged Weapons 1 CLE01261 1h
Edged Weapons 2 CLE01262 1h
Electrical and Fire Safety CLE01263 1h
Emotional & Psychological Disorders 1 CLE01265 1h
Emotional & Psychological Disorders 2 CLE00245 1h
Emotional Intelligence for Leaders CLE01266 1h
Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement CLE01685 2h
Employee Recognition CLE01267 1h
Employee Retention CLE01268 1h
Enhancing Work Relationships CLE01269 1h
Environmental Crimes 1 CLE01270 1h
Equipment Training 1 CLE01272 1h
Ethics In Law Enforcement CLE01143 1h
Evidence Collection, Control, and Storage CLE01274 1h
Firearms 1 CLE01276 1h
Firearms 2 CLE00248 1h
Firearms 3 CLE00249 1h
Firearms 4 CLE01277 1h
Firearms 5 CLE00250 1h
Firearms 6 CLE01278 1h
First Responder Traffic Incident Management CLE01279 2h
Fitness & Nutrition 1 CLE00251 1h
Generational Differences CLE01280 1h
Generational Differences for Law Enforcement CLE01144 1h
Goal Setting Skills CLE01282 1h
Handling Medical Emergencies CLE01283 1h
Handling Robbery Calls CLE01145 1h
Hate Crimes Training For Law Enforcement CLE00259 1h
Hazmat First Responder Awareness (FRA) Level I CLE00260 2h
High Blood Pressure – Reducing Your Risks CLE01284 1h
HIPAA: Protected Health Information For Public Entities CLE01285 1h
Human Fatigue in 24/7 Operations CLE01423 1h
Implementing a Body-Worn Camera Program CLE01287 2h
Implicit Bias CLE00642 1h
Interacting with the Mentally Ill as a First Responder CLE00737 1h
Internet/ Technology in Law Enforcement 1 CLE00264 1h
Interviewing Skills for Managers: Conducting an Interview CLE01288 1h
Interviews and Interrogations CLE01146 1h
Investigative Skills 1 CLE00265 1h
Investigative Skills 2 CLE00266 1h
Law Enforcement Encounters with Canines CLE00821 2h
Leadership 1 CLE01290 1h
Leadership 2 CLE01291 1h
Leadership 3 CLE01292 1h
Leadership 4 CLE01293 1h
Leadership 5 CLE01294 1h
Leadership 6 CLE01295 1h
Leadership 7 CLE01296 1h
Leadership 8 CLE01297 1h
Leadership in Law Enforcement CLE00665 1h
Leadership v. Management CLE01298 1h
Legal 1 CLE01299 1h
Legal 2 CLE01300 1h
Legal 3 CLE01301 1h
Managing Homeless Populations CLE01302 1h
Off-Duty Safety & Survival 1 CLE00271 1h
Off-Duty, Safe, and Ready CLE00272 1h
Officer Survival 1 CLE00274 1h
Officer Tactical Training CLE00622 2h
Parliamentary Procedures CLE01303 1h
Presenting Effective Testimony in a Courtroom CLE01304 1h
Press Conference and Briefing Basics CLE01305 1h
Preventing Bullying in Schools CLE01306 1h
Problem Oriented Policing CLE01307 4h
Professional Police Driving CLE01308 1h
Public Recording of Police Activities CLE01310 1h
Racial Profiling Part 1 CLE00284 1h
Recognizing Child Abuse CLE01311 1h
Recognizing Domestic Violence CLE01312 2h
Recruiting Excellent Employees CLE01313 1h
Responders at Risk: Protecting First Responders From Opioid Exposure CLE00769 1h
Responding to Emergencies 1 CLE01315 1h
Responding to Emergencies 2 CLE01316 1h
Responding to People with Mental Illness CLE00824 2h
Retaining Talent CLE01317 1h
Risks of Social Media in the Workplace CLE01335 1h
Safeguarding Your Community from Terrorism CLE01318 1h
School Resource Officers CLE01320 1h
Shaping an Ethical Workplace Culture CLE01321 1h
Sleep and Your Health CLE01323 1h
Smoking Cessation CLE01324 1h
Social Media and Law Enforcement CLE00287 1h
Stress and Your Health CLE01325 1h
Subject Control 1 CLE01326 1h
Subject Control 2 CLE01327 1h
Subject Control 3 CLE01328 1h
Subject Control 4 CLE01329 1h
Successful Customer Interactions CLE01330 1h
Suicide Investigation for Law Enforcement Investigators CLE01422 1h
Supervisor Skills CLE01333 1h
Tactical Patrol Considerations CLE00288 1h
The LGBTQ Community CLE01334 1h
The Will to Win 1 CLE01336 1h
The Will to Win 2 CLE01337 1h
The Will to Win 3 CLE01338 1h
The Will to Win 4 CLE01339 1h
The Will to Win 5 CLE01340 1h
The Will to Win 6 CLE01341 1h
Time Management Skills CLE01342 1h
Tourette Syndrome and Other Neurological Disorders CLE01343 1h
Traffic Incident Management – Quick Clearance CLE00567 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 1 CLE01344 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 2 CLE01345 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 3 CLE01346 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 4 CLE01347 1h
Transition from Peer to Supervisor CLE01348 1h
Understanding and Responding to Excited Delirium Calls CLE00825 1h
Understanding Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and PTSD CLE01349 1h
Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder CLE01350 1h
Understanding Behavior, Burnout, and Depression CLE01351 1h
Understanding Depression and Bipolar Disorder CLE01352 1h
Understanding Hostage Incidents CLE01354 1h
Understanding Prediabetes CLE01355 1h
Use Of Force CLE01356 2h
Use of Less Lethal Force CLE01357 1h
Using Oleoresin Capsicum CLE01358 1h
Using Social Media for Investigations CLE00954 2h
Using the Straight Armbar to Gain Subject Compliance CLE01359 1h
Vehicle Safety CLE01360 1h
Walking Your Way to Fitness CLE01361 1h
Workplace Bullying CLE01362 1h
Workplace Stress Resiliency CLE01363 1h
Written Communication and Report Writing CLE01364 1h

Pennsylvania MPOETC approved CE courses.


PoliceOne Academy is a MPOETC-certified provider for 2023 for online courses that can be taken and credited towards an Act 120 certified officer’s annual in-service training requirement. More details about the approved courses will be available soon.