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Accredited Georgia POST Courses from PoliceOne Academy

PoliceOne Academy has been recognized as a Certified Training Provider by the State Commission on Peace Officer Standards & Training and provides 28 hours of Georgia POST certified training credit. Are you looking for a way to meet Georgia POST training requirements while saving the time, money and hassle associated with in-person training and manual documentation? You’ve come to the right place.

PoliceOne Academy is accredited to provide the following GA POST courses online:

Course Title Course Number  Hours
Active Shooter: Phases and Prevention DKV3G 1
Active Shooter: Recognition and Basic Response DCV02G 1
ADA Compliance in Business DLA01G 1
Ambush Awareness & Preparation DTH01G 1
Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement (1 hour) DYE05G 1
Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement (2 hours) DGF03G 2
Arrest, Search, & Seizure (Fourth Amendment) DLQ03G 2
Back Injuries DPH00G 1
Best Practices in Dangerous Canine Encounters DZA02G 1
Bloodborne Pathogens (1 hour) DEB02G 1
Bloodborne Pathogens for First Responders DEB04G 1
Body Armor and the Changing Landscape of Public Safety DTH04G 1
Body-Worn Cameras For Law Enforcement DTO01G 2
Bomb Threats in Schools DKV04G 1
Building Financial Strength in First Responder Families DGM18G 2
Campus Based Training: Clery Act DLH01G 2
Children and Law Enforcement DGM13G 1
Civil Rights DLE01G 4
Community Policing DGF04G 2
Community Policing Strategies DGF09G 1
Constitutional Law DLD01G 1
Constitutional Policing DGS02G 2
Controlling The Situation DCM00G 1
Courthouse Security DGR00G 2
Crisis Intervention Training Overview DCC03G 1
Cultural Awareness 1 DYE08G 1
Cultural Awareness 2 DYE09G 1
Cultural Awareness and Diversity Overview DYE04G 1
Current Drug Trends DXN02G 2
Cyberstalking DBI07G 1
Dealing With Armed Suspects DFO02G 1
De-Escalation and Minimizing Use of Force DGS00G 2
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Missing Persons/Sexual Exploitation) DYD03G 2
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Sovereign Citizens, Domestic Terrorism, and Lone Wolf Attacks) DYD04G 1
Dispatcher: Stress Management DYD05G 1
Distracted Driving For Law Enforcement DSM04G 4
Ethics in Law Enforcement DGK00G 1
Expect The Unexpected 1 DCM01G 1
Financial Crimes DBM06G 4
Firearms Tactics DFM05G 1
First Responder Traffic Incident Management DTI06G 2
Hate Crimes Training For Law Enforcement DCH00G 1
Hazmat First Responder Awareness (FRA) Level I DHR02G 2
HIPAA for First Responders DLM02G 1
Hostage Negotiations DCR02G 2
Human Trafficking Part 1 DBM07G 2
Human Trafficking Part 2 DBM08G 2
Identity Theft Crimes DBK00G 3
Implementing A Body Worn Camera Program DTO02G 2
Implicit Bias DYE06G 1
Interacting with the Mentally Ill as a First Responder DCM05G 1
Intoxicated Driving DTD00G 1
Introduction to Probation DLH02G 1
Investigative Skills 1 DBI09G 1
Investigative Skills 2 DBI10G 1
K-9 Operations DZP01G 1
Law Enforcement and the Family Dynamic DGM12G 1
Law Enforcement Encounters with Canines DZA03 2
Law Enforcement Intelligence DQM03G 4
Law Enforcement Response to Active Shooter Incidents DCV03G 2
Law Enforcement Stress Indicators DPS01G 1
Leadership in Law Enforcement DQL02G 1
Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) DCD07G 2
Mass Casualty, Natural Disaster Standards DHM02G 1
MedicAlert: Community Policing Support DEM01G 1
Missing and Exploited Children DBC06G 4
Missing Persons With Alzheimer’s Disease DEM02G 1
Narcotics Enforcement 1 DXN04G 1
Narcotics Enforcement 2 DXN05G 1
Off-Duty, Safe, and Ready DDS05G 1
Officer Liability DLL01G 2
Officer Safety DDS04G 1
Officer Safety and Procedure in Domestic Violence Response DCD08G 2
Officer Tactical Training DCM06G 2
Officer Well-Being DPM00G 1
Officer Wellness & Mental Health Awareness DPM02G 2
Onstar Public Safety DBM10G 1
Opioid Crisis: Protecting Our First Responders DXN01G 1
Overcoming Resistance: Start with Mental Preparation DTH02G 1
Preparing Your Response to Challenging Situations DTH03G 1
Preventing Bullying in Schools DKV05G 1
Problem Oriented Policing DCM07G 4
Procedural Justice DGS01G 2
Protecting First Responders From Opioid Exposure DXM04G 1
Protecting Transportation Systems DGM19G 1
Pursuit Driving DSP02G 1
Pursuit Driving Fundamentals DSP03G 2
Racial Profiling Part 1 DGF06F 1
Racial Profiling Part 2: Data Collection DGF07F 2
Recognition Of Child Abuse And Neglect DBC05G 2
Recognizing and Responding to Domestic Violence DCD05G 2
Responding to People with Mental Illness DGW02G 2
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace DBS06G 1
Social Media and Law Enforcement DGC00G 1
Subject Precipitated Homicide DCP01G 1
Sudden Unexplained Infant Death (SUID) DBD02G 5
Suicide Prevention for Law Enforcement DCC04G 1
Suspects in Medical Distress DEM03G 1
Tactical Patrol Considerations DTA01G 1
The Importance of Communication in Law Enforcement DYM01G 1
The LGBTQ Community DGF08G 1
Traffic Incident Management – Quick Clearance DTF02G 1
Traffic Stops and Officer Safety DTM00G 1
Understanding and Responding To Excited Delirium Calls DCC02G 1
Use Of Force DDU00G 2
Use of Force Situations DDU01G 1
Use of Less Lethal Force DDU03G 1
Using Social Media for Investigations DBM09G 2
Using the Straight Armbar to Gain Subject Compliance DDQ01G 1
Violence in the Workplace DCV01G 1
Yoga for First Responders DPM03G 1