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North Carolina

Accreditation Information:

PoliceOne Academy courses can be used to fulfill NCLEA (North Carolina Law Enforcement Association) accreditation training requirements, pending department-level approval.

The following training topics are required by NCLEA.

The table below shows the PoliceOne Academy courses that can be used to meet the NCLEA accreditation requirements. Note: Courses must be reviewed and approved at the department-level to fulfill requirements.


Course Name P1A Course Length
NCLEA 2023 Edition 1.0   
Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement (1 hour) 1
Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement (2 hours) 2
Implicit Bias 1
Ethics in Law Enforcement 1
Sexual Harassment Prevention – Law Enforcement 1
Anti-Harassment in the Workplace 1
Sexual Harassment For Managers 2
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 1
Duty to Intercede  1