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MSP-Michigan State 911 Dispatch

Certified Training Information:
PoliceOne Academy offers online courses certified by the State 911 Committee (SNC) in Michigan. These courses can apply to the 24 hours of continuing education required for telecommunicators every two years and are eligible for use of 911 training funds.

Reporting Cadence:
PoliceOne Academy reports course completions through the Michigan State 911 Administration Portal (MiSNAP) at the end of each month. 

Anti-Harassment in the Workplace 1h LEX2022-2589
Basic First Aid 2h LEX2022-2590
Basic Telephone Skills 1h LEX2022-2591
Career Professionalism 1h LEX2022-2593
Conflict and Dispute Resolution 1h LEX2022-2594
Crisis Management 1h LEX2022-2595
Dealing with Angry Employees 1h LEX2022-2596
Dealing with Stress 1h LEX2022-2597
Dealing with the Media 1h LEX2022-2598
Developing Effective Communication Skills 1h LEX2022-2599
Dispatch Communications 1 1h LEX2021-2126
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Active Shooter) 2h LEX2021-2127
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Bomb Threats) 1h LEX2021-2128
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Chemical Suicides) 1h LEX2021-2133
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Missing Persons/Sexual Exploitation) 2h LEX2021-2134
Dispatcher Specialized Call Types (Sovereign Citizens, Domestic Terrorism, and Lone Wolf Attacks) 1h LEX2021-2135
Dispatcher: Ethics in Public Service 1h LEX2021-2136
Dispatcher: Liability And Legal Issues 1h LEX2021-2137
Dispatcher: Stress Management 1h LEX2021-2138
Dispatcher: TTY 1h LEX2021-2139
Diversity in the Workplace 1h LEX2022-2600
Domestic Violence Intervention for Dispatchers 2h LEX2021-2140
Drug and Alcohol Awareness 1h LEX2022-2601
Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement** 2h LEX2021-2247
Enhancing Work Relationships 1h LEX2022-2606
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 101: Believe with Jocko and Leif** 1h LEX2023-3956
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 102: Extreme Ownership with Jocko and Leif** 1h LEX2023-3957
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 103: Laws of Combat with Jocko and Leif** 1h LEX2023-3958
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 104: Mindsets for Victory with Jocko and Leif** 1h LEX2023-3959
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 105: The Dichotomy of Leadership with Jocko and Leif** 1h LEX2023-3960
Extreme Ownership Leadership Training 106: Leading Up and Down the Chain of Command with Jocko and Leif** 1h LEX2023-3961
Generational Differences 1h LEX2022-2726
Goal Setting Skills 1h LEX2022-2727
Handling Missing Children Calls for Dispatchers 1h LEX2021-2141
High Blood Pressure – Reducing Your Risks 1h LEX2022-2728
Leadership v. Management 1h LEX2022-2730
Navigating the Work Environment 1h LEX2022-2806
Performance Management  1h LEX2022-2986
Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors 2h LEX2022-2988
Sexual Harassment for Managers 2h LEX2022-2989
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace  1h LEX2022-2990


**This premium course requires a subscription. Please inquire if interested.