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save time and money with online and offline training and reporting


Maintain Compliance: Manage Your Policies

Eliminate paper-based tracking for policies and easily host and store them within the system for 24/7 access. Manage and improve compliance with quick dissemination to your personnel and require a read receipt and test when critical changes are made.

Track Offline Training and Log Activities

Track every activity completed at the department using the Offline training module within the Custom Course builder. Departments can create a blended learning program which reflects all training per officer in a comprehensive transcript by documenting firearms training drills, hands-on training, and more.

Decrease Liability with Centralized Learning

Enhance tracking and accountability with centralized training documentation so your officers are up to speed and prepared to handle the incidents they face on the job. Our platform offers the capability to schedule online training, document offline drills and field training all in one system for easy recordkeeping and reporting needs.

We felt the platform not only provided readily accessible training, but also provided a tool by which we could quickly communicate new general orders and design our own training in a system our officers could use around the clock.

Major James Cleek, Training Commander, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department