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Firearms Training

Firearms are powerful tools in the hands of officers. Each officer is responsible for the handling and care of their issues firearms. Refresh your firearms training with courses with patrol tactical tips, Rifle and Rifle Marksmanship, and Equipment Training to name a few areas.

Course Name Course Description Length
Basic Firearm Safety – NEW! Whether you have been around firearms all of your life or you are new to firearms, every person has a responsibility to ensure the safety of both themselves and those around them by following basic firearm rules. Firearm safety must never be taken for granted. Departments throughout the United States have specific policies and procedures in place to ensure that accidents don’t happen. Yet, even with this training and these policies in place, accidents still occur. Every individual is responsible for following procedures and diligently practicing firearm safety both on and off the job to make sure that no one is ever injured or killed as the result of a firearm-related accident. 1h
Considerations for Adoption and Use of Patrol Rifle In this video, John Farnam discusses the importance and need for departments to adopt the patrol rifle.  He suggests the patrol rifle to replace the current use of the shotgun or pistol from law enforcement officers.  Farnam highlights the differences between rifles and shotguns, while explaining the difficulties as well as benefits that come from suggesting such a change. Although, the rifle may be financially straining and higher maintenance, Farnam stresses that the lives of officers are at stake. 20m
Equipment Training 1 This course includes lessons on:  Carrying a Second Gun Cleaning and Maintaining Your Handgun, Cleaning Your Equipment, Gun Belt Set Up, Gun Draw Speed Drills, Practice Drawing your Tools,  Strengthening Your Shooting Grip, Advancements in Forensics Technology for TASER Application, Firearms Handling and Positions 1h
Firearms 1 Firearms 1 includes lessons: Reality Training: Kitsap Shooting, Pop Up Drill, Rifle Selection for Police Use, Selecting a Sling for your Patrol Rifle, Speed Load vs. Tactical Load, Strong Hand Only Reload, and Trigger Pull Dry-Fire Drill 1h
Firearms 2 Firearms 2 includes lessons: Dry Firing Skills, Failure to Lock Back on an Empty Magazine, One Hit Qualification, Patrol Rifle Deployment, Penny Drill, Pistol Maintenance, and The New Life Shootings Survivor Story 1h
Firearms 3 Firearms 3 includes lessons: Ammunition Inspection, Ammunition Selection for your Rifle, Breathing Techniques when Shooting, Cleaning Your AR15, Firearm Kneeling Tactic, Humility Drill, and Long Gun Retention for the Smaller Officer 1h
Firearms 4 Firearms 4 includes lessons: Administrative Load Outside of the Holster, Defense Against Knife Attacks with Firearm, Dry Fire Training, Preshift Training Preparing to Win a Gunfight, Principles of a Shooting Grip 1h
Firearms 5 Firearms 5 includes lessons: Setting Up and Training with Your Patrol Rifle, Shooting Cycle, Administrative Reload from the Holster, Handheld Lights vs Pistol Mounted Lights, Tactical Reloads, Dealing with Lawfully Armed Civilians, Designated Marksman 1h
Firearms 6 Firearms 6 includes lessons: Practice with your weapon, Different Types of Holsters for Different Sizes of Officers, Challenges for an Optimal Patrol Rifle Training, Completing the drill (John Farnam), and Handgun Malfunction Drills 1h
Firearms Tactics – NEW! This course presents helpful hints and tactics that may save your life. Before moving into specific firearms tactics, you must develop solid fundamentals. Throughout this hour of instruction, we will extensively cover some of the most overlooked aspects of using a weapon; trigger control and Instinctive Point Shooting. 1h
Stack and Strip from Weapon Retention In this video tactical tip, Fletch Fuller speaks about and shows us some additional ideas building on some tactics previously discussed with regard to weapon retention. 5m