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Patrol officers have several things to consider every time they step out of their patrol car. Improve your policing skills with courses that focus on drunk driving, distracted driving, Tactical Operations, Traffic Stops & Safety, Pursuit, Field Interview Tactics, Accident Investigation, and more.

Course Name Description Length
Arresting an Intoxicated Driver Making a DUI arrest may result in saving lives. In this segment, Lt. Dan Marcou demonstrates a technique for letting an intoxicated driver know that they are under arrest before applying handcuffs on them. 5m
Buckle Up The statistics don’t lie. Officers are more likely to be killed in a traffic accident than a gun battle.  Young officers in particular are not heading this important safety tip: buckle up! 5m
Civilian Interaction – 30418 TCOLE The Community Safety Education Act (SB30) was designed to educate both law enforcement and civilians of the expectations that drivers, the public, and students should have during contact between officers and motorists. In this course, we will review SB30 along with its updates, the Seven Step Violator Contact Method, the roles and responsibilities of officers during traffic stops, expected behavior from civilians, and even the laws surrounding visual or audio recording of traffic stops. 2h
Dealing with Armed Citizens John McGregor of the Sig Sauer Academy talks with Betsy Brantner Smith on the topic of what officers might do to handle encounters with legally-armed citizens. 5m
Deputy James McGrane: Officer Killed in the Line of Duty After watching this video, the viewer will understand the good that can come from tragedy, as Deputy McGrane’ss parents honor him by creating a fund … 15m
Distracted Driving For Law Enforcement This 4 hour Distracting Driving online course provides the necessary training to educate Law Enforcement Officers and departments about the dangers and consequences of distracted driving. 4h
Drunk Driving This one-hour course gives law enforcement officers the appropriate information to understand, apply strategies against, and respond to drunk driving. 1h
DUI Testing and Safety In this video, Dave Smith talks with Kyle Clark about the dangers associated with getting up close and personal during DUI testing. 5m
Evasive Driving Dave Smith discusses staying aware and being ready to use evasive driving skills at all times. 5m
First Responder Traffic Incident Management This two-hour course will equip responders with the information needed to properly facilitate at the scene of a traffic incident. 2h
Hidden Compartments During Traffic Stops This video from the Henderson, Nevada Police Department reminds us how innovative today’s bad guys can be when it comes to hidden compartments. 5m
High Risk Traffic Stops Dave Smith discusses a variety of traffic stops that create high risk conditions and the importance of remembering your training in those situations. 10m
Interior Car Lighting and Tactics Lou Ann Hamblin discusses how to tactically  use your interior car lighting. 5m
Intoxicated Driving This one-hour course gives law enforcement officers the appropriate information to understand, apply strategies against, and respond to intoxicated driving. 1h
Marcou-Isolation Exercise Lt. Dan Marcou discusses the Isolation exercise he developed in case he was ever confronted with a subject presenting a gun on his initial approach to a driver on a traffic stop.  He encourages officers to develop and practice their own tactic in order to be successful when encountering an armed subject. 5m
Motor Officer Safety In this video, Bill Campbell offers valuable tips for motor officer safety. 10m
Naloxone In October 2017, the United States declared the overuse of opioids as a public health crisis. In fact, the CDC estimates that more than 90 Americans die from opioid overdoses every day. Naloxone, a medication used to block the effects of opioid overdoses, has become first responders’ number one tool in saving the lives of anyone who has overdosed on opioids. In this course, learners will discover the physiological and psychological effects of opioid addiction and how to administer Naloxone in the event of an overdose. 1h
Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Enforcement Training (New Mexico) In this course, learners will review the New Mexico statutes that pertain to off-highway vehicles. The course will cover important definitions and regulations for governing OHVs, as well as registration and cost information, operating on private property, and underage riders. 3h
Patrol 1 The first segment of Patrol covers: Reality Training: Trolley Square Shooting, Rule of Plus One, Single-Officer Squad: No Back-up Available, Survive at Night, Using Vehicles for Cove, Vandalism Investigation for Patrol, Winterize Yourself for Patrol 1h
Patrol 2 The second segment of Patrol covers: Reality Training: Sugar Creek Incident, Interviewing Techniques for Patrol Officers, Patrol Communications, Preventing Distractions from Communication Devices while Driving a Patrol Vehicle, Real World Pat Down and Search Techniques 1h
Patrol 3 The third segment of Patrol covers: Border Patrol Driver Training, Increasing Visibility in Your Patrol Car, Officer Safety Proper Response, Patrol Basics: Controlling Risks at a Traffic Stop, Patrol Basics: DWI Investigations, Patrol Basics: Developing Sources,and Bullets on Vehicles Training 1h
Patrol 4 The fourth segment of Patrol covers: The Importance of Maintaining Good Eye Health, Exiting the Patrol Vehicle Quickly and Tactically, Have a Checklist, Patrol Basics: Domestic Violence Calls, Patrol Basics: Contact and Cover, Building Searches, and Foot Pursuits 1h
Pursuit Driving The reality of pushing a squad or motorcycle to its control limits in an attempt to apprehend a violator is anxiety producing at the very least and deadly at its worst. This program will explore the realities of high-speed pursuit, the basic procedures for a successful outcome and the catastrophic effects of when things go horribly wrong. 1h
Pursuit Driving Fundamentals This 2 hour Pursuit Driving Fundamentals online course provides the necessary training to develop the ability to accomplish the pursuit driving task and make sound tactical decisions by understanding the risk of the pursuit driving activity and by being able to physically negotiate pursuit driving situations. 2h
Reducing the Risks at Traffic Stops Dave Smith discusses traffic stops conducted in active roadways and the best practices to keep both ourselves and our subjects safe. 5m
Spontaneous Assault On A Traffic Stop After watching this video, you will be able to apply the tactical principles as Law Enforcement personnel, which play a vital role in these … 10m
Sudden Attack at a Traffic Stop 2 Law enforcement expert Dave Smith reviews a video of an officer dealing with a sudden attack during a traffic stop. This video serves as a good example to never take any situation for granted and be prepared for anything. 10m
Suspects in Medical Distress This one-hour course will give the learner a better understanding of how to respond to and identify suspects in medical distress. Often, suspects may be in medical distress at the time of arrest. Suspects under medical distress should be treated much differently than ones who are not. This course helps you as the Officer understand the difference. 1h
Tactical Patrol Considerations This course is designed to give patrol officers the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and effectively use their patrol vehicle in the course of their duties. It can be one of the most important and lifesaving pieces of equipment an officer has. 1h
The Art of Communication: Traffic Stop Jim Glennon provides tips for communicating successfully during a traffic stop. 5m
Traffic Incident Management – Quick Clearance This one-hour course better prepares law enforcement officers to clear a traffic incident quickly.  Within the course, the lessons will highlight Move Over, Driver Removal, as well as Authority Removal Laws which maintain the flow of a safe and efficient traffic scene. 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 1 This is the first Training Block for the course on Traffic Stops and Safety.This course covers:Reality Training: Franconia Officer Killed, Reality Training: Georgia Trooper Dragged, Reality Training: Lunsford Incident, Deputy James McGrane: Officer Killed in the Line of Duty, The Art of Communication: Traffic Stop 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 2 This is the secondTraining Block for the course on Traffic Stops and Safety.This course covers:Reality Training: Driver’s Safety – Wisconsin Deer Strike, Reality Training: Safe Vehicle Operations, Reality Training: Traffic Safety Tip, DUI Testing and Safety, Hidden Compartments During Traffic Stops,Motor Officer Safety. 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 3 This is the third Training Block for the course on Traffic Stops and Safety. This course covers:Evasive Driving, Hostage Situation at a Traffic Stop, Felony traffic stop Jerry Lard case, Drug Interdiction Traffic Stop, Welfare Check on an Active Roadway, Patrol: High Risk Traffic Stops 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 4 This is the fourthTraining Block for the course on Traffic Stops and Safety. This course covers:Reality Training: Spontaneous Assault at a Traffic Stop, Reality Training: Expect the Unexpected, Sudden Attack at a Traffic Stop 2, Traffic Stops and the Elderly, Vehicle Extraction Using a Device Control, Reducing the Risks at Traffic Stops, Winter Driving Safety, Marcou-Isolation Exercise 1h
Traffic Stops & Safety 5 This is the fifth Training Block for the course on Traffic Stops and Safety. This course covers:  Arresting an Intoxicated Driver, Buckle Up,  Evasive Driving,  Body Language Skills and Deception Detection Training, Reality Training: Winning a Confrontation when the Subject Has the Drop on You,  Reality Training: Surviving a Sudden Shooting at a Traffic Stop,   Reality Training: Why Cops Should Stay Vigilant during Traffic Stops 1h
Traffic Stops and Officer Safety Traffic stops are one of the most common interactions that law enforcement has with the community.  In this one-hour training block course, the learner will view four instances where traffic stops quickly turned deadly. 1h
Traffic Stops and the Elderly Law enforcement expert Dave Smith discusses the tricky subject of dealing with elderly subjects. The elderly are a growing demographic that must be considered and handled with care without compromising officer safety. Dave addresses ways officers can handle these situations. 10m
Vehicle Extraction Using a Device Control During a traffic stop, some drivers who are ordered from a vehicle refuse to comply. In this video tactical tip, renowned police trainer Larry Smith, alongside presentation partner Andy Barton of the Bristol (Conn.) Police Department discusses and demonstrates a vehicle extraction using a control device such as the PR-24. 5m
Welfare Check on an Active Roadway After watching this video, you will be able to identify at least three risks of unusual traffic stops. Officers must remember that no stop is routine … 10m
Winter Driving Safety In this video tip, Police1 Contributor Dave Smith discusses some of the dangers of winter driving and offers the reminder that as the winter seasons begins its important to refresh your memory and if possible, your physical skills on how vehicles respond on slick road surfaces. 5m