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Use of Force

Use of force can be used in self-defense or in defense of another individual or group and requires a firm grasp of the laws surrounding it. Learn more about the legal requirements of use of force, situations that require, and strategies for using less lethal force overall.

Course Name Course Description Length
De-escalation and Reasonable Use of Force Officers who understand de-escalation are much more effective than those who don’t. In this course, learners will learn to identify the elements and techniques of an effective de-escalation system and apply the system as a tool to de-escalate volatile situations. Learners will also be better equipped mentally to make critical decisions under stress and minimize the use force. 2h
Use of Force This two-hour online course provides training and focuses on the legal aspects for an officer to use force when affecting an arrest, investigatory stop, or other seizure of a free citizen. 2h
Use of Force Situations Using Force in policing situations is never to be taken lightly, but at times, it may be all that stands between an officer and survival. In this one-hour training block course, the learner will watch footage from situations where force was utilized, gain insight into the importance of proper documentation, and the touch on steps that should be taken after an officer is involved in a shooting to ensure the wellness of both the officer and the department. 1h
Use of Less Lethal Force In this training block, learners will explore different ways to control crowds and other chaotic situations using less than lethal force. Learners will also discover how to handle failed attempts at control using these less lethal options. 1h