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New Mexico Biennium Courses

These courses meet the requirements for New Mexico Biennium education and include Hate Crimes, Interaction with Persons with Mental Impairment, Legal Update and more.

Course Name Course Description Length
NM Biennium: Child Abuse or Neglect Investigations – NEW! Law enforcement is not the only agency responsible for the well-being of children in their communities; agencies must work together to protect abused children. However, law enforcement officers must be properly trained on the various facets of child abuse in their communities. In this course, learners will be able to demonstrate an understanding and knowledge concerning the crime and social issue of child abuse, including the dynamics of why people abuse children and the results of that abuse. 2h
NM Biennium: Domestic Violence Training – NEW! This course provides learners with a basic understanding of the New Mexico statutes regarding domestic violence, as well as officer safety and survival considerations during domestic violence calls for service. 1h
NM Biennium: Ensuring Child Safety Upon Parental Arrest – NEW! A recent study indicated that 70% of children who were present at a parental arrest saw their parents being handcuffed. Witnessing a parent’s arrest can be traumatizing. Law enforcement is responsible for mitigating that trauma as much as possible. The goal of this biennial training is to provide law enforcement personnel with information regarding their responsibilities as they pertain to the identification of dependent children when the parents are arrested. 1h
NM Biennium: Hate Crimes – NEW! In the famous words of the philosopher George Santayana: Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. In order to halt the prevalence of hate crimes in our country, we must revisit examples from the past and learn from them. In this course, we will discuss defining a hate crime, historical instances, and common concerns. We will explore landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions and their implications and the role of police. Lastly, we will discuss hate crime statistics in New Mexico and the future of hate crimes. 2h
NM Biennium: Legal Update – NEW! Each year brings new challenges and opportunities to law enforcement in the state of New Mexico. Law enforcement officers are continually adapting to new methods and guidelines, and this includes staying updated with changes to current laws. This course covers the most recent legal updates law enforcement officers should know to perform their daily duties effectively. 2.5h
NM Biennium: Missing Persons/AMBER Alert – NEW! In this New Mexico Biennial course, learners will review the NM statutes that pertain to missing persons and issuing Amber, Brittany, and Silver Alerts. The course will cover important definitions and procedures law enforcement must follow in the event of missing or endangered persons as well as the forms they must use in the course of issuing or canceling an alert. 1h
NM Biennium: Safe Pursuit Act – NEW! This course will refresh the student with regard to the Safe Pursuit Act and its requirements. This course will also provide information regarding the decision to initiate, continue and terminate a pursuit and how the interest in public safety weighs against that decision. 4h