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Video Training Preview

The PoliceOne Academy consists of over 1,000 HD online videos and 175 one-hour courses in a fully-loaded learning management system for tracking and reporting your department’s training. Contact us for a live demo.

Video Sample: The Value of Carrying a Tourniquet

The PoliceOne Academy is your 24/7 destination for access to more than 175 hours of online training. The Academy features over 1,000 high-definition training videos, lesson plans, quizzes and courses in categories like Deadly Force Encounters, Edged Weapons, Baton Drills, Firearms, and Defensive Tactics.

We provide departments with a cost-effective solution to assign and track self-paced officer training. The PoliceOne Academy is also perfect for use in roll call settings; trainers can quickly access videos, project them or use the download option to engage officers and facilitate learning in a group environment.

In this sample video Doug Wyllie, Police One Editor in Chief, interviews Van Postell about the importance of having tourniquets readily available to officers. Contact us today at 1-844.312.9500 or use the link below to schedule your FREE preview.